Whacko trade. ORL - CLE - CHI - NYK

Trade Machine:

ORL out:

  • Afflalo & Davis (to CLE)
  • Moore & Jones & Hedo (to CHI)
  • Lamb (to NYK)

ORL in:

CLE out:

  • Bynum (to CHI)
  • Dellavedova & Kings 2014 1st & Magic 2014 2nd (to ORL)

CLE in:

  • Afflalo & Davis (from ORL)

CHI out:

  • Boozer (to NYK),
  • Hinrich & Snell & Bobcats 2014 1st (to ORL)

CHI in:

  • Bynum (from CLE)
  • Moore & Hedo & Jones (from ORL)
  • Aldrich (from NYK)

NYK out:

  • Stoudemire & Hardaway Jr & future pick (to ORL)
  • Aldrich (to CHI)

NYK in:

  • Boozer (from CHI)
  • Lamb (from ORL)

Why ORL? Turns Afflalo, Davis, Hedo's expiring, Lamb & Jones into youth with promise: Hardaway Jr (wing shooter/scorer), Snell (3&D wing), Dellavedova (great early +/- numbers, can play backup PG or SG, international experience--I probably have an irrational like of Dellavedova, but, oh well), Stoudemire's contract, two 1sts, one 2nd, plus whatever pick comes from NYK -- hopefully a 1st (2018?) due to taking on Stoudemire. I like the idea of having Hinrich (heady, experienced vet guard, coming from Thibs coaching) tutoring the wing guys the rest of this year and maybe even bringing him on as an assistant coach next season (I might have an irrational like of Hinrich, too). Keeps Nelson, Maxiell, & Price as vets from this year for consistency.

Essentially vets & minimum end-of-bench guys into youth and picks.

Why CLE? They've appeared to want to be in "win now" mode. The roster/coach hasn't allowed it. They turn Bynum's contract and an undrafted FA (plus a 1st & 2nd) into a All-Star SG and a backup PF/C with playoff experience. Afflalo starts alongside Kyrie. Waiters and Jack round out the guard minutes. Afflalo and Davis are a huge locker room upgrade over Bynum. Cavs keep their own 2014 1st & 2nd. (The Kings pick may not transfer until a future draft anyway, because of the protections.) Yes, the Cavs give up two picks (one first and one second), but they also get to keep their other young guys: Waiters, Zeller, Thompson, Karasev, & Felix. Player-wise, the Cavs are giving up little and getting a lot. Asset-wise, it feels about even.

Why CHI? Luxury tax. Future cap space. They only lose Boozer from the current "core." This gives them room to sign Mirotic and Deng next summer. This season is in jeopardy without Rose anyway, so this sets them up for next season, assuming Rose can return and be healthy. For these benefits, they surrender the Bobcats' pick & Snell. For the rest of this season, Moore fills in parts of Hinrich's minutes. Gibson moves into the starting PF role. Jones and Aldrich can play as backup bigs and seem like the kind of players that can learn from Thibs & fit his system. Playoffs still a possibility, if only because of the state of the East. Though finding scoring will now be a bigger challenge without Boozer.

Chicago keeps their own 2014 1st & 2nd. The loss of Snell hurts a little under the new CBA. But he's a backup/role player, so is he more important to the Bulls' front office than Deng? The Bulls traditionally avoid the tax and will have trouble staying out of the repeater tax AND keeping Deng next summer if they don't make some kind of move.

Bulls can waive one or both of Bynum/Hedo. Just one gets them under the tax with this trade (I think); in the off chance they actually want or need to put one of those guys into the rotation. I don't know why they would either, but hey....options.

Why NYK? This season is a disaster. Amare is a zombie. Boozer is an upgrade--at least on offense. Proves once again that no contract is unmovable. And, hey, if RDV approved Arenas, then.....well. Dolan & Prokorhov are the only two owners that I can see taking on Boozer, though this move actual lowers NYK's tax bill. (Maybe ORL can get some cash out of that, too.) I'm not sure that NYK will give up Hardaway. The other big question is whether or not ORL will take on STAT's 2014-15 salary. If Hardaway is a deal breaker, then the Knicks would have to offer more in terms of future picks to get ORL to take Stoudemire. Maybe coming "home" to Central Florida makes it easier for Stoudemire to put up with even further reduced playing time, as minutes shift to the young guys? I actually don't think this move helps the Knicks a whole lot (thus not endangering the WoNK pick), but I think Dolan will think that it will help.

This year's roster (with X = expiring or 2014/15 partially guaranteed)

Nelson (X) - Dellavedova - Price (X)

Oladipo - Hardaway - Hinrich (X)

Harkless - Snell

Nicholson - Harris - Maxiell (X) / Stoudemire

Vucevic - O'Quinn (X)

2014 summer cap space without Nelson, Maxiell, Price: $49,112,687 in salary counting Vasquez hold, but not 1st round picks' hold(s). Keeping Nelson adds another $6M. So, not much space at all except for retaining the likes of Nelson, Maxiell, Price, etc. types of vets--which has value. And, even that might need the team to dip into the exceptions. I haven't spent a lot of time thoroughly thinking through the cap implications. I just assume that if they do this deal, ORL's management is content to not have significant cap space until 2015. Or, as another option that they would be trying to jiggle what little space is available in 2014-15 in little tricks like extending Vucevic or Harris with a 2014 signing bonus like OKC did with Collison a few years ago. Buying out Stoudemire is very unlikely, because I can't see him giving up dollars, though I could see the team excuse him like they did for Hedo this season.

2014 picks:

  • ORL's own 1st & 2nd
  • WoNK
  • Kings (protected top 12 in 2014, top 10 in 2015-17, else 2017 second round pick (protected 56-60)
  • Bobcats (protected top 10 in 2014, top 8 in 2015, unprotected in 2016)

Summer 2014 - 5 available rosters spots if Nelson, Maxiell, & Price are waived. O'Quinn is non-guaranteed, but I'd hold onto him.

Just an improbable idea. The Cavs-ORL part by itself might work, too.

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