...because I'm tired of talking about "realistic" trades!

I'm bored, and I like to goof around. So...let's play a game!

Info 1: The Rockets want to dump Thomas Robinson to make room for Howard -- LINK!

Info 2: While I don't believe it's as dire as it once was, Kevin Love's future in Minny could still be in doubt.


Minnesota Receives:

Aaron Afflalo, Thomas Robinson, Andrew Nicholson, Houston's 2013 2nd Round Pick, Orlando's 2013 #2 Pick, LA's 2015 2nd Round Pick (from Orlando)

Houston Receives:

Al Harringon, Enough cash to buy out Harrington immediately (from Orlando)

Orlando Receives:

Kevin Love, Luke Ridnour, Minnesota's 2013 #9 Pick

Before you ask...yes, I ran this through the ESPN trade machine and the salaries work. I can't post the link to prove it because I did it on my phone (my work comp has ESPN sites blocked), but if anyone would like to try it and post the link, feel free.

Why does MN do this?

It's true they lose the best player in this deal: Franchise-Quality PF, Kevin Love.

They get back an actual starting SG, which they need desperately. They get a (low cost) combination of high-potential and solid young talent in the vacated PF spot in Robinson & Nicholson. They get a pair 2nd round picks, and bump up in the this year's draft from #9 to #2 -- even in a weak draft that's a big jump. There's still a pretty clear talent difference between the #2 and #9 picks this year.

That sounds like a decent haul for a franchise guy who the Wolves played most of last season without anyways. If they don't believe they can re-sign him long term in a few years, this might be a solid choice instead of middling for a few years before he leaves on his own, instead directing that money to Pekovic, who has earned a payday in Love's absence.

Why does HOU do this?

They give up a 2nd Round Pick in order to dump Robinson's contract in an effort to go after Howard in FA. It's a small price to pay, and one they seem willing to do if reports are to be believed. If not, maybe Orlando gives up one of their own 2nd round picks to Minny instead, but I don't think they'd have to.

Why does ORL do this?

They get a franchise guy in Kevin Love. It's that simple.

At the #9 pick, they could grab either Shabazz Muhammad and having him become the starting 2, or Dennis Schroeder and start Ridnour at the 2 like Minny did this past year.

This intensifies the log jam at the 4 (behind Love), but who cares about that when you land a franchise guy?

This also means it's unlikely that Orlando is in the Wiggins' lotto anymore, as I'd imagine they'd end up in the high-single or low-double digit range of the draft next year. However, they still have 2 picks in the 2014 draft, Davis, Hedo's expiring, and a couple additional 1st/2nd rounders to shop around the trade market to either move up in 2014 or land another young FA.

Anywho, my lunch break is almost over, and this killed time amusingly.

Your thoughts?

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