Trades and the Draft

Hi there,

First let me say that I love this site! Good to see a site where 98% of the comments are proactive and that everyone here who is a fan actually looks to support their team as opposed to moan about whatever is wrong. So congratulations to the developer/moderator (Evan) and also to all the contributors, I really look forward to reading this each day.

I am an Orlando Magic fan from New Zealand. So much of a fan that I flew especially to the US (and to Orlando) in 2004 when we drafted Jameer and that other guy to attend a few games because I wanted to be part of it.

I say this because you must understand that my comments do not come as fully informed as a lot of you (hence im asking for opinions). In New Zealand the only basketball games we see screened are Boston, Miami, Lakers and Spurs when they are playing another top 8 team. Therefore I have managed to watch the 2 minute highlights of every Orlando game this year. I also scrawl through the box scores trying to work out whether one of our rookies or sophomores is improving to the level we all hope. Apart from that I tune in here and read everyone’s opinions.

Now the point of my post, Trades and this years Draft. A lot of time and comments have been made about who we should/shouldn’t draft and I have a suggestion at the end of this post that I like but no one has really bought up (that ive seen). But first apart from our rooks/sophs we have three tradable contracts (Davis, Afflalo, Nelson) and two (relatively) untradable contracts (Harrington, Turk). I’m guessing that we will end up possibly losing one of our three tradables this summer in the pursuit of more young talent and to make room for the rooks further development. I’d love to hear opinions on who do you think we should trade and for whom? And also it sounds like (from the comments you guys are making) that the best we can do is buyout Turk and Harrington? How likely is it that we can trade them and get something in return?

As I said I havn't seen enough games so id like to hear from those with a bit more insight.

Finally my choice for this years draft. Trade the number 1-4 pick and Glen Davis to the Clippers for Eric Bledsoe and their number 25 pick. May need some other throw ins to make it work, but that’s the cornerstone.

Thoughts? How fair to both teams is that? Clippers need more depth in their bigs Glen Davis provides some defense and some offense off the bench when spelling Griffin and he can also play alongside Griffin and spell Jordan. The number 1-4 pick should hopefully net them Ben Mclemore which would suit their team perfectly (young talented pure shooter that doesn’t have to find and create his own shot too early in his career thanks to Chris Paul). The Magic get a young top 8? PG to run the team for the future and a mid draft pick for Hennigan to find another asset.


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