Breaking down the top 2 D-league players that are worthy for a 10 day contract.

When Hennigan left an open roster spot after immediately waiving Hakim Warrick, a lot of us expected another signing to fill the vacant spot. This has not been the case. I don't want to spend a long time discussing the past, so let us begin.

G Travis Leslie, Santa Cruz Warriors

He's a young, athletic point guard, who was drafted by LAC in the 2nd round before they sent him to the D-league. Most experts say he doesn't fit the traditional shooting guard mold and the inability to become a natural distance shooter has him playing for the Warriors. From what I've been able to see, he lacks a consistent perimeter shot and relies on his physical abilities more than anything else. The strong point of his game is the elite level leaping ability, body control, and explosive steps to the rim making him arguably the flashiest player in the D-league.

( Note: I was too lazy to actually finish it and by the time I did, Utah has signed him)

G/F D.J. Kennedy ,Rio Grande Valley Vipers

Without Leslie, Kennedy moves up as the best prospect in the Development league. A former teammate of rookieMoe Harkless at Saint John, he hasn't made any waves in the NBA as he went undrafted and after a short stint with the Cavaliers he has winded up in the Development League. In his college years, he played the shooting guard position and both forwards position which could potentially add versatility to the Magic's roster. His offensive ability and underrated passing ability will likely be the main attraction for teams interested in the 6'6, 215 LB guard.

G Courtney Fortson, L.A. D-Fenders

He has earned 2 NBA call-ups: one by the Houston Rockets and another with the Los Angeles Clippers. In 10 games combined, he hasn't shown the ability to contribute on a NBA team, but he has potential. A little undersized for a point guard standing at 5-11 makes him a defensive liability without a dominant defense in the NBA, but he has a knack for steal grabbing with 2 per game. He's shooting 40%+ from afar this season and in a small sample with the Clippers in '12 he had a true shooting of 53%, but he also turned the ball over as much times as he assisted in the NBA.


I didn't want to make a long review because most people don't watch Development League games unless you have a relative playing for a team or won't know most of the prospects. I also claim not to be a analyst and have made my judgement off a small sample. Anyways feel free to discuss anything as there hasn't been anything new fanpost-wise in a while disregarding draft.

Edit: I've proofread it once, but I'm sure there's some grammatical errors. Don't let this bother you!

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