If the season ended today its very likely we could have Exum or Smart

So we are currently going on a 5 game losing streak and have been without the likes of Vucevic and Harris.

But If the season ended today here is what the East and West would look like:


1. Indiana Pacers (Lock into playoffs)

2. Miami Heat (Lock into playoffs)

3. Atlanta Hawks (Lock into playoffs)

4. Boston Celtics (?) Rebuilding..... Might blow up roster further for losses

5. Detroit Pistons (Looks like a lock)

6. Washington Wizards(Looks like a lock)

7. Charlotte Bobcats (?) Too soon to judge

8. Chicago Bulls (Want to say lock into playoffs)

Which would leave the following teams lottery bound:

9. Toronto Raptors (?) Rebuilding should be a lottery team

10. Cleveland Cavaliers(?) Wants to win

11. Philadelphia 76ers (want to say lottery for sure)

12. Orlando Magic (lottery for sure)

13. Brooklyn Nets (?) Wants to win

14. New York Knicks (?) Wants to win

15. Milwaukee Bucks (lottery for sure)


1. Portland Trailblazers (Lock)

2. San Antonio Spurs (Lock)

3. Oklahoma City Thunder (Lock)

4. Los Angeles Clippers (Lock)

5. Houston Rockets (Lock)

6. Dallas Mavericks(?) everyone here and below are too close to judge

7. Denver Nuggets (see above)

8. Golden State Warriors (see above)

Which would leave the following teams lottery bound:

9. Phoenix Suns- (lottery)

10. Los Angeles Lakers (?)

11. New Orleans Pelicans(?)

12. Memphis Grizzlies(?)

13. Minnesota Timberwolves(?)

14. Sacramento Kings (lottery)

15. Utah Jazz (lottery for sure)

So the lottery draft would look something like this if position was awarded by record:

1. Jazz - (4-18)

2. Bucks - (4-16)

3. Knicks - Denver's pick - (5-14)

4. Kings - (5-13)

5. Magic - (6-14)

6. Nets -Hawk's pick - (6-14)

7. 76ers - (7-14)

8. Cavaliers - (7-13)

9. Raptors - (7-12)

10. Timberwolves (9-11)

11. Grizzles (9-10)

12. Pelicans - Philadelphia's pick - (9-10)

13. Lakers - (10-10)

14. Suns (11-9)

**For all intensive purposes let's say that Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Exum, Smart, and Embiid all declare for the 2014 draft.

1. Utah already drafted Burke this season so it's highly unlikely they draft Smart or Exum with a top 5 pick.

2. Milwaukee has Brandon Knight and Nate Wolters. Bucks exercised option on Knight so I would think they still have hope for him but could go either way in drafting a PG depending where they end up drafting.

3. Knicks which would essentially be Denver's pick have Ty Lawson... and it's hard to imagine that the Knicks would sustain this poor record when Tyson Chandler comes back.

4. Sacramento has Isaiah Thomas and newly drafted Ray McCollum. Thomas has been pretty solid this year which is why Vasquez became expendable. So I don't seem them picking Exum or Smart.

5. Magic - obviously if Parker, Randle, and Wiggins are already taken. That could still leave Embiid, Exum and Smart on the board. Magic obviously should take BPA regardless of position but the object of this exercise is to see who could be still available by the time Magic pick.

6. Hawks - have Teague and Schroeder.

7. Philadelphia just drafted MCW.

8. Cleveland has Irving.

9. Toronto could use a PG since Lowry is 27 and its obvious that Masai Ujiri is rebuilding and take Exum/Smart if available or if they jump the draft board

10. Minnesota has Rubio and 2 years left on JJ Barea's contract so it's not likely they draft a PG.

11. Memphis has 3 years left on Conley's contract but has no real depth behind him and could draft a PG

12. New Orleans which is Philly's pick...Again has MCW......

13. Lakers need BPA which could very well be a PG if they move up high enough in the draft

14. Phoenix - They didn't get a chance to extend Bledsoe before the deadline but you would think they have all intensive purposes to sign him when he becomes a RFA.. but could go either way with drafting a PG depending how negotiations go.

It's obviously early in the season to make playoff predictions but I think some teams are locks in the east and west... Some predictions are still out for judgement but just thought I would create a fan post to show how possible it could be to get Exum or Smart by the time we pick.

What do you think?

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