Some free agent point guards

It's not at all certain that the Magic are looking for another point guard. True, Jameer Nelson will likely miss more games, we already know Moore is not a point guard, Victor Oladipo looks far more comfortable off the ball, and Ronnie Price is not fit for major minutes. But... is that a problem? If the goal is to lose games without overtly tanking, failing because you're missing a PG certainly beats sitting healthy players. If they do want to pick up a backup PG, though, here are some players with NBA experience who are on the market.

Kendall Marshall

2012-13 stats (48 games): 14.6 MPG, 3.0 PPG on 37.1% shooting, 3.0 APG, 1.2 TOPG, 7.85 PER

Marshall, 22, is a year and a half removed from being a lottery pick in Phoenix, and yet here we are. Traded to Washington in the Okafor-Gortat deal and then waived when the Wizards had no roster space for him, Marshall made it into the league on the strength of his passing. He demonstrated the ability to distribute at the NBA level in his rookie year, but also demonstrated a serious lack of scoring or defensive capability. Marshall was last seen battling Ish Smith for a roster spot… granted, Smith has been worse for the Suns this year than Marshall was last year. But the fact that it was even a question is bad news for Marshall. If Marshall does get another shot at the NBA -- and he probably will -- it is likely to be with a team whose slow-paced offense doesn't tax his lack of speed. That's not the Magic.

Rodrigue Beaubois

2012-13 stats (45 games): 12.2 MPG, 4.0 PPG on 36.9% shooting, 1.9 APG, 0.7 TPG, 10.49 PER

Beaubois looked like a nice prospect early in his career, but in four NBA seasons, the French guard declined steadily. Beaubois’ ability to run an offense improved slightly, but never reached the point where it was a notable skill. Meanwhile, his shooting deteriorated to ridiculous lengths. He had a wrist injury which kept him out of the FA market this summer, but unless his struggles were a reflection of a failure to fit into Dallas’ game plan or something, there’s probably not much to see here.

Darius Morris

2013-14 stats (12 games): 16.1 MPG, 6.9 points on 43.3% shooting, 2.6 APG, 1.6 TOPG, 12.48 PER

After two fairly awful years with the Lakers, Morris seemed to have finally turned a corner: shooting fairly accurately (54.4% TS, 41.7% for three), still turning the ball over too much but actually taking the reins of the offense (something he rarely did in LA), and given his reputation as a good defender, probably doing well on that end. But the Sixers, who seem committed to turning over their roster in hopes of finding new players, dumped him alongside Kwame Brown. Morris is only 22 years old, and while you have to weigh his 12-game performance with the Sixers with a grain of salt, it’s not out of the question that he could be a solid NBA backup now… he always had solid shooting and defense, and it’s not his fault that Kobe rarely gives up the ball, is it?

Jamaal Tinsley

2013-14 stats (8 games): 13.8 MPG, 1.1 PPG on 20% shooting, 2.9 APG, 1.1 TOPG, 2.13 PER

Tinsley, 35 years old, was a solid backup for the Jazz last year, but not so solid that the team retained him in the summer. Brought back in when Trey Burke got injured, he played 8 games for the Jazz but was terrible. Now he’s waived again, and probably should be. Between his age, his ineffective play, and a history (albeit a somewhat distant one) of character concerns, he’s not likely to return to the NBA, and even less likely to do it in Orlando.

Chris Duhon


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