Trade City - Magic/Pistons/Suns

Another day another trade idea.

Three team trade between Orlando, Detroit, Phoenix

Premise for this idea is as follows:

· Orlando – Fact: Orlando are finally getting all their players healthy. This is creating a logjam in a number of positions. Fact: Vaughn has been playing the vets extended minutes. These vets are taking playing time from our much vaunted younger players. Fact: Arron Afflalo is playing at an All-Star level.

· Detroit – Fact: Andre Drummond is an absolute stud. Fact: The Detroit front court of Smith Monroe and Drummond are not effective together Fact: No GM is going to touch Josh Smith with his contract and the way he is playing. Fact: Greg Monroe is going to get paid this summer (by someone). Fact: Detroit needs some strong defensive players that can help spread the floor for Drummond.

· Phoenix – Fact: Phoenix are open to trading one or more of their picks if they can get an established star. Fact (well maybe more opinion): Phoenix look strong in the backcourt but could use a strong, young PF to potentially pair with Alex Len in the frontcourt.

Therefore the basic trade is as follows:

Orlando out: Arron Afflalo, Glen Davis

Orlando in: Emeka Okafor

Detroit out: Greg Monroe, Charlie Villanueva

Detroit in: Arron Afflalo, Glen Davis

Phoenix out: Emeka Okafor

Phoenix in: Greg Monroe, Charlie Villanueva

That works on the good old trade machine... the next step is to assign draft picks to incentivise all sides do the deal.

My suggestion is Phoenix’s 2015 Lakers pick and Washington’s 2014 pick to Orlando; and Phoenix’s 2014 Indiana pick to Detroit.

Why they do the deal:

Phoenix: They use an expiring contract and some mid to late picks to get one of the better young big men in the game and receive an expiring back. They don’t mess with their current roster at all and they still have (potentially) 2 selections in the 2014 draft (their own and Timberwolves)

Detroit: They get (in my opinion) an All star in the back court, at strong vet to play alongside Drummond or come off the bench. They get a 2014 first round pick (albeit high). They free up space for Smith and Drummond to try and work together. They also get something for Monroe in case they lose him (understanding that he is restricted… but he will get chased hard)

Orlando: Not the best haul… a likely 2014 mid rounder from Washington (late teens?) and a 2015 pick (protections are low on this pick, but doubtful Lakers will be picking below 10). But they also get more cap relief at the end of this year through Okafor (Turk and Okafor gone and Nelsons dropping to $2m is a lot of cap space relief). They open up room for the youngsters to play more meaningful minutes and hopefully get us closer to that number 1 pick.

What do you think of this one? Who wins? Who says yes and who says no?

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