never worry, I will show you

I'm never worried about victor oladipo playing PG and I will show you why. Before I put out some stats, I will first say that this is the ideal year orlando should do this. You don't want to build your house only to show you after a tornado you didn't prepare the right way. Look at dwight, how he got exposed by the lakers in the finals and is now with his free throws and weak post game moves. I say keep oladipo at point, let vaughn play him through all the tough games, pressure moments and even when he's playing absolutely terrible so that he learns. Once you learn it, see it, you can correct it. Jameer is there to help. What's the point in moderating his minutes, his mistakes, his good things because then you moderate the learning curve slower or faster based on what you throw at him. I mean we aren't TRYING to make the playoffs. I'm sorry I know the competitiveness of the players but you know that ownership, GM, and coach are all on the same page when it comes to the goals this season. I think they will get rid of vaughn once they get their foundation built and put the real coach they want to take over. 04 draft -------> 3years later hires SVG. Heres some stats just show some comparisons between oladipos numbers thus far and other players. NEVER WORRY!

Stats for players in the same situation (high pick/handled ball/high expectations/offensive role) through the first 12 games of their career:

19pts / 3.6 TO / 34% FG can you guess who this player is? He came in with more expectations than oladipo and carried more of the load than oladipo is expected to. I don't think victor will reach his level of superstar (he is a hard worker so maybe someday, never say never) but he should be a Tier 2 superstar right below him. This player is Kevin Durant

14.2pts / 3.5 TO / 36% FG He gets compared to this one a lot. I can see why, but I already trust oladipos 3pt shot as equal to this guys and it will only get better. He was a moderate shooter, not shooting as many shots as durant's rookie year per game but still relied on somewhat. Tier 1, but now Tier 2. You already know this player was Dwayne Wade

18.5pts / 6.2 TO / 44% FG I know a lot of you talk about the turnovers and this one seemed like it makes sense because he was a freak PG and still getting used to handling the ball but no doubt is better than oladipo with his handles. He had a better supporting cast in his rookie year than oladipo does but I think this should show you that an even better player than victor turned the ball over far more through his first 12 games. This one is one we all should know because it's Penny Hardaway (ended up avg 3.6TO for total year)

11.9pts / 2.6 TO / 39% He gets compared to this one a lot as well. This one came in after the piece was established so he was never the focus point of the offense entirely but did put the team over the hump where you saw how dangerous they would become. SG TO PG transition but playing with WAY BETTER PLAYERS that take pressure off turning the ball over and not having to be a playmaker immediately. Come on, you know this is Russell Westbrook.

12.2pts / 4.2 TO / 39% These are Victor Oladipo's current stat line through the first 12 games of his career.

Here is my summary of what these #'s indicate to me and what I think they should show you, also taking into account the situation they were in. This shows that odds are, he will not be a tier 1 superstar like durant, lebron, jordan but he can became a formidable #2 option. The two examples of players playing more PG than normal is the westbrook and hardaway line and the margin of strength of teams they came into vs the one oladipo is on now is ridiculously wide. Hardaway came in with nick anderson, shaq and dennis scott all being developed so he had playmakers and STILL turned it over like that. Westbrook had a 3rd year durant and a 2nd year jeff green when he was drafted. He had lower TO's but similar #'s after that, while oladipo has a bigger role in the offense as far as shots taken. You can see penny and durant were freak scorers while wade was moderate but got better. Oladipo will never be the scorer durant will be but he doesn't have to be. He needs to finish over taller defenders & work on his shot, both which are highly reasonable for him to accomplish.

Point is, that oladipo IS ON PAR. He is his own player so let him evolve. Imagine him and marcus smart together, or him and either one of the 3 freshmen, I mean the playmaking will be distributed better and he'll have a year to digest the NBA and work on his weaknesses because we all know he will, history has shown it. Let him run the point, it would be a shame to throw this opportunity out of the window. THOSE THAT LOVE THE MAGIC DESERVE THIS. If we are going to do this, lets do it 100% and make it right this time. Not like milwakuee does and lose 1st round every year with no good pick or free agent allure.

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