Okay because...

Okay because we all like to spend our time arguing over whether to tank or not to tank, debating the merits of whether to draft Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Smart or Exum in November or assessing which of our lineups creates the best "match-up'' problems for the opposition.

And because I spend every waking moment trying to swing imaginary trades on behalf of the Orlando Magic.

And because its no fun unless I share it...

Here is my latest idea. Feel free to pick holes in this trade suggestion. But before you do, hear me out.

Ive picked these trade partners for the following reasons:

Cleveland – Mired in a heavy slump. Owner that promised fans during this year’s draft that they would reach the playoffs this year. Heavy need: A SG who will play strong defence and with excellent 3pt shooting to help space the floor for Irving, Bynum and Thompson.

New York – Mired in a heavy slump. Cant win at home. Franchise player’s contract coming up for renewal. Other large contracts that severely restrict the franchise’s ability to bring in free agents. Only one tradeable contract. Fickle fan base. Need: To drop the salary of albatross contracts to create cap space to chase free agents alongside Carmelo, Front court help in the short term

Denver – Mired in a heavy slump. Poor defense (28th in NBA). Rumored to be chasing Shumpert considered by some as a stud defender. Need: Someone to replace the strong perimeter defense that Iguodala provided them

So here is my suggestion:

New York - - - - - > Amare Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert, Unprotected 2015 first round pick, 2018 second round pick

New York in: Hedo Turkoglu, Glen Davis, Tyler Zeller

Denver - - - - > BoNK, 2014 second from Portland

Denver in: Iman Shumpert, NY18 2nd pick

Cleveland - - - - -> Dion Waiters, Tyler Zeller, 2014 1st pick (protected 1-8)

Cleveland in: Arron Afflalo, Portland14 2nd pick

Orlando - - - - > Arron Afflalo, Hedo Turkoglu, Glen Davis

Orlando in: Amare Stoudemire, Dion Waiters BoNK, Cleveland14 1st pick, NY15 1st pick

New York do it because: They need to drop Amare’s huge salary for the next couple of years, get strong front court help in the form of Davis and a young C on an attractive contract in the form of Zeller.

Denver do it because: They get Iman Shumpert without having to give up Faried. Young guy, attractive contract, improved perimeter defense

Cleveland do it because: They get an absolute stud at SG without giving up much of their assets and remove Dion from clashing with Irving

Orlando do it because: Two more 14 first picks (to take the total to four), and a 15 first pick. Dion Waiters can stay or be traded later if hes not the guy we want. Yes we take on Amare’s contract, but we don’t need the cap space, don’t need to play him (like Turk; say hes still rehabbing or something) and he might even be able to be moved for assets at the trade deadline in a years time ($22m expiring anyone?)

A lot of moving parts I know. I think New York and Cleveland would be all for that trade. Denver im less sure. But I think we would need that BoNK to make it worth our while.

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