Trade Proposal For Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic in my opinion is still looking to make a trade that can help them in their rebuilding stage. While this seems like something that can easily be achieved, we must remember it takes two to tango, or three in this case. When looking for a suitor, we must remember that Orlando is not the only team rebuilding. So with this in mind, we can eliminate almost half of the NBA teams when looking for that perfect building block. Also remember, we are trying to make the trade now, and not right before the trade deadline. I believe this will give us some trade hype we need for the players were trying to trade, before something unexpected happens. The Magics' GM will be looking to make the trade now even though most teams don't have their playing cards out on the table. If he cant work out a deal, he will then wait patiently for a better opportunity.

Orlando has in my opinion two key pieces that would be very appealing to teams looking to make a fresh splash into the playoffs. J.J. Redick and Glen "Baby" Davis, are the two players who come to mind that i feel teams will be looking to make trades for. I wont be looking into trading for draft picks, this could very well be what happens, but its no fun. So with that said, lets take a look at the teams who are ready to deal now rather then later.

Eastern Conference :

Atlanta Hawks - The Hawks really have no need for Redick. They already have Kyle Korver.

Boston Celtics - Not looking to good.

Brooklyn Nets - They have nothing to trade either until closer to the deadline.

Chicago Bulls - They cant afford to trade anything.

Indiana Pacers - Pacers have something Orlando would want, but would need help getting. See Proposal below.

Miami Heat - They also cant afford to trade, even with help.

Milwaukee Bucks - Brandon Jennings is really all they have. Which I doubt they will even trade.

New York Knicks - Nothing good here. Although they need these guys bad, they have nothing to work out a deal.

Philadelphia 76ers - Sixers are done trading for now.

Western Conference :

Dallas Mavericks - Nothing good here.

Denver Nuggets - Again, I think their done for now.

Golden State Warriors - Warriors will be looking to move cap space to help re-sign Stephen Curry.

Houston Rockets - These guys are looking to trade bad. With 20 players on their roster right now, I can guarantee their on the phone as Im typing this Proposal. J/K. I think their still looking for a big player deal. So most likely something to look into at the trade deadline.

Los Angeles Clippers - I dont think their ready yet. They just made some moves in the off-season with matching DeAndre Jordan and resigning a few FA's. Could come into play at a later time after mid Dec.

Memphis Grizzlies - Grizzlies could use the help, but nothing to appealing to me in this deal.

Minnesota Timberwolves - Dont like anything here either.

Oklahoma City Thunder - Thunder cant afford to deal with Magic.

Portland Trail Blazers - Not liking this one. They got some room to play and would love to have some help. But dont think they have much to give.

San Antonio Spurs - Dont see Spurs making any moves yet.

Utah Jazz - The Utah Jazz are ready to make some moves. Only problem is, I dont think there looking to trade anything we want. Will need a team to help out on this one. So lets try and make something work with them.

Trade Proposal :

Lets see what were working with now.

Orlando has Redick and Davis, along with a $2,750,000 trade exception from Brandon Bass.

Utah has Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap they are looking to maybe move, along with a $2,390,000 trade exception from Mehmet Okur.

Indiana has 6 Shooting Guards, Paul George, George Hill, Gerald Green, Lance Stephenson, Sundiata Gaines, and Orlando Johnson. George Hill can play the point, and they could really use a big man to help them out in the playoffs. The Pacers also have plenty of cap room to play with in resigning Millsap.

So I say lets send J.J. Redick and Glen Davis to Utah ($12.6M), Utah sends Paul Millsap to Pacers ($8.6M), and Pacers send Paul George to Orlando ($2.6M), Orlando will use the ($2.75M) trade exception to cover the expense.

Utah will also still have Al Jefferson along with there ($2.39M) trade exception to make a deal with another team, or teams.

Orlando would have a stud to play small forward with Arron Afflalo and the Magic. Utah will make some much needed breathing room and upgrade there team. And the Pacers will get a stud power forward to help them get deeper in the playoffs.

What do yall think about a trade like this? Any others thinking of some moves to help Orlando in the rebuild? This was the best move i could find, where i thought all teams included would be benefiting in the deal.

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