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Alright, the season is coming near and the rebuilding fun is about to begin. First off let me start by saying hello. I am a Chicago Bulls fan and have been since the late great Scottie Pippen blessed us with his greatness. You have probably seen me at your arena sporting my purdy and wide range of Pippen gear.

Orlando has always been my second favorite team cause it is close to my home in Jacksonville and I love going to Orlando Magic games. I go to an average of 4+ games a year...not much, but im poor :(. I am not a fan of Dwight Howard, and never have been. Hes great, but he is a joke and hurts the team to much with his, I am Superman, but I cant play clutch, cause i cant shot free-throws bullstank.

Rebuilding is fun, but it takes time and great drafting to do. This team has some good pieces, but these pieces do not match at all and are deferentially not good for rebuilding. All is not lost, it seems this team was drafting in hopes Dwight Howard would stay? I don't know, but it will take time. Lets break down what i fell we got so far to work with.

PG :

1) Jameer Nelson - This guy is starting and we all know why. This man is perfect for rebuilding, and has the assists and court vision to make all around him better.He makes evaluating these young guys really easy for a new coach. He is not great on defense and slow, but who cares, he plays PG for crying out loud. Nelson is strong and can post these small weak PG's straight to China league.

2) E`Twaun Moore - This kid can score. He will lite it up at the PG spot and every now and then, he will even pass the ball some. He is mainly a scorer, he can score at the 1 or the 2, Moore doesn't care were hes at as long as he gets to shoot. Defense is not good, but again, thats why hes playing PG, you don't need defense there really, thats the other guys' job.

3) Ish Smith - What happen my friend. Is he scared? Did he forget how to run the point? I hope this kid can regain some confidence. He would be a perfect backup in a fast past offense, but this kid has lost it somehow. Lets move on.

SG :

1) Arron Afflalo - Nelson's new cool toy. Afflalo has some awesome skills. He is a great defender, which is one of the most important things a SG does in this conference. Add that to his awesome shooting from anywhere on the court and you have almost the perfect 2 guard. Afflalo can play fast pace, half-court, and is great on the fast break. This is exactly what you need in a rebuild. You need a 2 guard who can do it all.

2) J.J. Redick - Mr. yes i can, im your 6th man J.J. Redick. This guy can shoot, o boy can he shoot. Also not to bad on defense. TRADE him now Orlando! He is not the kind of player you rebuild around. He is a great player, but he is not needed for the mission ahead. You can trade this man for an awesome building block to fit with this team. I know it hurts...but its true :(

3) Quentin Richardson - Not bad, not bad. Cut him Orlando! We are rebuilding here, not repairing.

Now here's were things get ugly. But have no fear. Orlando shall prevail.

SF :

1) Hedo Turkoglu - While most times one would not want this man for rebuilding, it is what it is. His salary is to much for anyone to take, and you wouldn't get anything in return anyway. So lets put him to good use. Turkoglu is smart, and you need smart guys to help teach rookies. Most rookies learn better through watching and practicing with smart veteran players. Trust me, these backup SF's need a lot of learning. He can move the ball well on the offensive end, although not much is left in the tank, and he is still smart (although quite slow) on the defensive end.

2) Moe Harkless - This rookie has some serious potential, but he also has some serious weaknesses. He is a great 2 guard and small forward defender, very athletic on the fast break, can create a nice contested inside shoot, hustles like crazy on rebound and loose balls, and a nice piece to have in a fast pace offense. Only problem is his weaknesses are bad. He can not shoot at all and his confidence on shooting wide open is terrible. He will almost always try to pump fake and drive to the basket. His other weakness is strength. Which is highly important at this position. Forwards can post him up all day this kid is so weak. And his post offense strength is even worst. College kids were pushing him out the post. He will have to work on this and stay on bench until he learns.

3) Christian Eyenga - Eyenga has a lot of learning to do. He has ok defense, but not very impressive to be playing at the small forward position and he also does not really fit the 2 guard either. His shooting is not ideal either. He will have plenty of time to work on these things playing for this team. But he will find it hard to fit with the team.

4) Justin Harper - This kid can shoot...but to bad thats all he can do. He doesn't really fit anywhere on the court. And the sad part is that theres nothing really he can work at. Mabye get some better defense so you can guard weak small forwards? Good luck with that one Harper. He needs a lot of work, and most likely will not last long.

PF :

1) Al Harrington - Al is Al, and has always been Al. He will fit great at the Power Forward position until he can be traded to a team that needs him. He is smart on offense and the young guys can learn a lot from him while he is here. His salary is not to bad, but don't except much for him. His defense is weak, which would be why i would move him. Keep him as long as hes happy, since there wont be nothing better for awhile.

2) Andrew Nicholson - The poor mans "Ryan Anderson". This kid has a shot and can rebound a little also. Nicholson has a lot of potential to be a "I can do it all" wonder man. He needs to work on his offense/defense posting strength, he tries to out smart his opponent to much without using his strength. If there was a post presence center (Were be Howard) he would be great to open up the post. Other wise he is a wasted weapon cause standing at the perimeter to wait for a shot to come..does not help you on rebounds. Unless of course you piece him with Harkless who cant shoot but can rebound...o snap i think were building something.

3) Kyle O`Quinn - O`Quinn is your motor that works the rotor. He has some great hustle and works very hard on offense and defense. While his shoot is not to great, his block and post defense can be handy for a backup power forward. He has the heart to muscle you in the post. Which can be handy for a back-up who needs to hustle up them bench chumps. He is a project, who may, or may not work out on the bench, but is worth a shot when rebuilding.

4) Josh McRoberts - Well, he is a poor man's "Brian Scalabrine", but no red hair...awww. He will be fighting in the backup's backup category. So lets not waste to much time on him. He needs to earn his time.

C :

1) Glen Davis - The nickname tells it all. He is a "Baby (Poor-mans) Shaq(also Howard)". Davis is a good hustle player at PF or C. We need him playing at center with the roster we have now. With a starting job, he can become a top 5 center in my opinion. At the age of 26, you want to keep this man until his contract runs out, which is in 2015. Davis is a great piece to have when rebuilding, because big men like this are very hard to come by, and even harder to develop.

2) Nikola Vucevic - Vucevic is a developing center who shows great promise. He is well rounded in all the center skill sets, but he lacks strength and confidence. He needs to get better at rebounding and to stop with that whack, I can use one had to box out and the other to rebound (why would you try that?). Anyway, he needs Davis to show him the ropes in the "Everyday Im Hustling" game. He has some nice post moves on offense, just needs to work on strength and use that 7'0" to an advantage.

3) Gustavo Ayon - This guy puts in the work. He could develop into a very nice backup center with a little more work. He's ok in all the skills you want from a center, but does not stand out in any of them, which is a shame. Has shown to have a nice shot, but again, he needs a lot of work.

I love rebuilding time. Its been awhile since Chicago has done a total rebuild. But we were pretty much in the same situation after Pippen got pushed out of Chicago. Although, I loved it. Its fun to take a break from winning and start rebuilding for the future. You can find some good things in the draft. Thats how Chicago had to do it, which is rare for a big market team to do. Orlando is not to bad off, I know it looks ugly now, but trust me, it could be a lot worst. Orlando is a great place to play. If you build it, they will come. Just not to many liked Howard, so not to many would come. He's a great team mate, but he is not good as the star of a team. Don't let them old players who want to retire in the Orlando sun come. I know your out there people. Lets have a fun season and cheer for some Orlando Magic to happen.

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