Summer of 2012 point guard market

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Who ended up better or worse at point guard from 2011-12?


Conclusions: The point guard market was really shallow in the Summer of 2012. In this market, there were only two game-changing point guards (Deron Williams and Steve Nash). On top of that, there were few serious point guard buyers interested in free agency more than the draft.

By the way, the NBA employs 92 point guards. (That's 3 point guards per team.)

After the Deron Williams and Nash signings... LAL and BRK could not offer more than a mini-MLE. Dallas was shying away from any multi-year contracts to have cap space for Summer of 2013. That left only Phoenix and Houston with the cap space and desire to pursue a 2012 free agent point guard.

Glaring problem #1: New York Knicks They decided to pay $6.4 million/year to Felton and Kidd! These two players are on the dead end of their already slumping careers. After the fact, they just recently signed a 35-year-old Argentinian.

Glaring problem #2: Jameer Nelson Orlando's management had early on decided to trade Dwight Howard. The sign-and-trade of Ryan Anderson for Gustavo Ayon instead of Paul Millsap was a clear indication of Orlando's direction. A team planning on heading to the lottery but simultaneously overpaying at PG makes little sense.

Glaring problem #3: George Hill and Darren Collison trade Indiana payed Hill as if Hill was Goran Dragic. Dallas got a free ride. Dallas gave up the Bird rights to Ian Mahinimi for the expiring small useful Collison contract. Puzzling what Kevin Pritchard is doing in Indiana.

Glaring problem #4: Delonte West How did Dallas get away with underpaying so low? Delonte West got signed with a 1-year deal to Dallas. You will notice his cap hold is also very very small. That allows Dallas to reward him next year with a big contract via Bird Rights and maintain financial flexibility and maintain a large salary cap room not clogged with West’s cap hold.

Glaring problem #5 Kirk Hinrich He is a pseudo shooting guard now. His numbers are terrible. He is a glorified Chris Duhon without the turnovers. He is a nobody on the offensive end with a usage rate of 13.5%. But then again, he was playing with Joe Johnson and Josh Smith. Chicago picked him up for his defensive skills, but those skills are not worth $4 million. And they better hope Hinrich doesn't get injured again. But Chicago did get offensive firepower in Nate Robinson.

Interesting #6 Alexey Shevd He is a Russian recruited to Minnesota. While Rubio is scheduled to recover till December, Shevd will got a lot of playtime.

Interesting #7 Jason Terry The Jet will be coming off the bench to replace Courtney Lee or Rajon Rondo. It is about time Boston put a more realistic backup point guard behind Rondo. Rondo can use the rest.

It will be really interesting to see the Summer of 2013 point guard market and compare it to this year.

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