Quick Fixes at PG

It has been well documented here on OPP that the Magic are now in dire need of a PG (or 2) and a way to trim down the number of bodies in our front court. None of these are long-term solutions, but I feel that they could all suffice for the upcoming season. I came up with a few quick trade ideas and I figured I might as well share them quickly with y'all to see how you feel:

Trade 1:

Magic Receive: Will Bynum, PG

Pistons Receive: Josh McRoberts, PF

Although I would like to see McRoberts in a Magic uni at some point, he is our only PF on a one year contract, making him the most likely to be desired in a trade. Bynum is what we need, a decent back up PG who won't hurt our cap since he is also on a one year deal. DET would be open to trading him because they already have Rodney Stuckey locked up and are trying to groom Brandon Knight for the starting PG role before long.

Trade 2:

Magic Receive: Josh Selby, PG

Grizzlies Receive: Justin Harper, PF

Harper may have untapped potential, but we are not really in the position to make demands when it comes to making these trades. He is our only PF who matches up with Selby contract-wise. MEM already has Mike Conley and just drafted Tony Wroten, making Selby expendable. Although Selby is on a two-year deal, it is for less than $1 million, so it would not cripple our cap situation.

Trade 3:

Magic Receive: Jeremy Pargo, PG

Cavaliers Receive: Quentin Richardson, SF

Josh McRoberts, PF

This trade would give us a backup PG AND open up a spot to sign Ish/whoever Hennigan decides to bring in as the 3rd PG. The Cavs do this trade because they have a very young backup PF (Thompson) and C (Zeller), while their only veteran big man is Varejao. McRoberts helps add depth to this group. Q-Rich provides the team a back up for Cassipi (unless they plan to actually play Luke Walton).

These are just a few trades I threw together in my spare time. With both of the first two trades, additional moves would need to be made in order to free up a spot for a 3rd PG, but they are both good starts. Remember, the Magic should be trading for need, not necessarily talent. With that in mind, I still tried to create fair trades for both teams in each trade, both talent and contract-wise. A lot of our big men are either too young to trade without knowing their full abilities (Vucevic, Nicholson, Ayon, O-Quinn) or have contracts that other teams will not want (Harrington, BBD). Also, please share more trade ideas in the comments below. With this new roster, there are an endless number of possibilities I am sure I did not even think about. Thanks.

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