The Great Dwight Robbery (Complete)

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The Trade vs. Others

Note for the table: Steve Nash, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh were all sign-and-trades.

Great trade?... Or the Greatest Trade?

Draft pick issues The picks we got were entirely lottery protected and nearly guaranteed mid-20s.
Our picks are way into the future.
New Jersey was offering 4 unprotected picks.
Houston was offering 2012 draft picks and Top 10 unprotected picks. (Adrian Woj said this. Ken Berger said this. That's as reliable as it gets.)
Cap space related issues We took back Al Harrington’s garbage contract.
We absorbed Arron Afflalo’s for 4 extra years. (He is certainly not underpaid for a replaceable shooting guard.)
We dumped Earl Clark (who is 24) instead of Quentin Richardson.
To put it simply, we would be in better shape cap-wise if Dwight just walked. (Not exaggerating.)
Or we would have freed more cap space if we got Andre Iguodala and not done anything with him.
Denver and LAL stole big LAL upgraded from injury-prone Bynum to Dwight Howard.
Denver dumped Al Harrington and Aaron Afflalo in return for All-Star Andre Iguadala on an expiring contract.
The benefits of waiting Brooklyn would have entered the picture again and raised the stock value.
Countless other teams were also mulling trade options. Atlanta and Chicago were both reportedly attempting to find ways to land Dwight.
Dwight as a free agent had only two options: Dallas and Atlanta. And both required a sign-and-trade.
Dwight could have changed his mind again. Orlando did very well in the 2011-12 regular season when Dwight played and had serious potential to do better. Success on-court determines a lot.
Orlando's cap troubles were somewhat exaggerated and Dwight would have lost considerable money if he had not been traded.
Why LAL was bound to have problems LAL was about to start a "Princeton playbook". Team was about to test-start a playbook that has never been used in NBA.
Steve Nash thrives on ball usage time. Now he is in a team with ball hogs called Gasol, Bynum, and Bryant. Nash has used the pick-n-roll his whole career. Nash thrives on the transition.
Mike Brown thrives on the stiffest half-court defense possible.
Kobe, Gasol, and Nash can’t defend.
Pau Gasol’s offensive niche was completely taken by Bynum.
No bench.

Cap perspective


We simply replaced our bad contracts with "less bad contracts". We should have just dumped the bad contracts completely. To see the complete salary cap picture of the Orlando after the trade trade, click here.

The Trade Exception

The only way I can see this trade somehow redeeming itself financially is through the $17.8 million trade exception. And I don’t see that happening decently enough. Why? We have a 1 year deadline to use it. In other words, by Saturday, August 10, 2013 we HAVE to use it.

The problem is the 2013 free agent class is either unattainable or incredibly overpaid. There is no way at all we are getting Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Josh Smith, James Harden, or Stephen Curry. Andre Iguodala can’t help us because he will be 29 by then. David West will be 32. Manu Ginobili will be 35.

That leaves us with a HUGE trade exception to use it on Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evans, or Serge Ibaka. It can’t get any worse because these RFAs will be incredibly overpaid with a max contract. But no reason to cry, Hennigan can use it on Monta Ellis!!! Our front office can get creative and find ways to utilize the big trade exception. But to expect creativity from a front office regime that gave us this ordeal.... good luck.

I merged the older article with this one. Click here for an image of the disbanded page.
75% (exactly 90 votes) thought Orlando got robbed. 25% (exactly 30 votes) did not think Orlando got robbed.

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