3 JEERS for DWIGHT HOWARD or......

So far the best part of this trade we just that Dwight Howard and his antics are no longer in Orlando. Now how to "welcome him back to Orlando" because you know right before he comes to town he'll tell us how much he loves the city, or how much he really wanted to stay, or how much he really wanted to help Orlando win a please keep in mind ITS ALL BALONEY (and I write that only because I think a more stronger word would be inappropriate on a forum that might have kids reading it.

Perhaps the case against Howard is best writted by Yahoo's Adrian Wojinowski when he said:

From there, with all those middle-class pretenders sadly filed away, we turn to the idea of Dwight Howard as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. And how this will challenge your appreciation of this league.

Because he's a phony, you know.

He lied to all of you about "loyalty," last March. Lied. To. You. Looked in the camera and lied to you, whether you live in either Florida or California's Orange County, or you're reading this site from a time zone that has you up at four in the morning. Dwight Howard lied to you on record and in writing, whether you're a fan of the Magic or not, about what he really wanted. He lied to his teammates, he lied to his front office, he lied to the press that had to show up to talk to him in March, and he lied to the children that he couldn't muster up the courage to face at a camp their parents paid money for them to attend.

Overwrought, this? No. For one last time, revisit the nonsense that he's created. Say goodbye to it, as he's off to El Lay, but don't forgive it.

He is a spoiled, immature, brat. And for all the condemnation that LeBron James endured from 2009-11 for his work before and following The Decision, or criticism Kobe Bryant took in during his trade demand waffling in 2007, or criticism any number of NBA stars have received following their destruction of a coach or teammate's career or franchise's decade — Howard has been worse. You're not reading some in-the-moment hack that forgets that sporting life existed before 2012. It's this bad. Dwight Howard should be ashamed of himself, and yet he's about to receive the greatest reward in his profession.

And now we have to deal with the fact that a person that should be the league's most-loathed player is on a team featuring giants of basketball spirit like Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol.

I've mentioned this once before and Cleveland had a good one when they told LeBron "Akron hates you" but may I suggest that a truly GREAT rebuke of Dwight Howard's conduct may be SILENCE. The Amish invented it...shunning. Complete and total silence in the Arena every time he's announced, everytime he touches the ball, no boo's , nothing. Perhaps if someone knows a ball boy in the arena make sure he's in on the act. I'm sure Dwight, with the camera's rolling of course, will offer an autograph or some small gesture to someone wearing Magic colors in the Arena - he's just that kind of narcissist, how cool would it be if the ball boy , and the arena simply turned their backs on him. As much as he's a "brat" maybe the adults in the room should let him know ......they are the adults in the room.

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