The Trade: Current and Post *UPDATED 8:30pm 7/9*

Ok so the script as of now says Dwight is going to Bwookwyn its just a matter of when. Not saying I"m happy with it lets kind of break it down and see positives from this trade and a breakdown of how this will as of now work. I'm going to try my best at this salary cap thing if you notice any errors please let me know as well as I can only go off assumptions to my knowledge and only pertaining to 1 instance that could happen. So please have fun below leave lots of comments and once again let me know if my math or assumptions are incorrect factually.

What we need to know: The structured deal:

Nets want Howard

Orl wants to dump cap space and obtain picks (3) and a young player or 2

Cle wants draft picks


What we need to know: The pieces

Orlando Receives- Brook Lopez, Luke Walton, Damion Jones, Sheldon Williams, Armon Johnson and three first-round picks -- two from the Nets and a lottery protected first from the Clippers.

Cap Savings (2012-2013) 32,608,225 (Numbers obtained from Hoopshype) Shipping Dwight, Qrich , Duhon, Jrich, Earl Clark

New Money Spent- Brook Lopez (4yr/15,000,000) Luke Walton (1yr/6,100,000) Damion Jones, Sheldon Williams, Armon Johnson all should be signed for low salary and hopefully 1 year.


What we need to know: Salary Cap 2013-2014

2013-2014 Salaries situation

Assumed 2013 Salary cap is $65,000,000 with new rules for luxury tax that is broken down to amount your over as well as if your a first time offender or repeat offender of luxury tax.

Salaries ending:Turk 11,400,000 JJ Redick $6,190,000 Ayon ($1,500,000) Salaried dumped from trades and expiring contracts now total: $36,698,225

The team is successfully gutted only players remain on roster are Brook Lopez ($15,000,000) Big Baby ($6,400,000) Jameer Nelson *estimated* ($6,750,000) Andrew Nicholson ($1,500,000) based off 2011 #19 pick #'s. Kyle O'Quinn ($850,000). Total: $30,500,000. With 5 players on roster lets assume we need to add 10 players to the roster with $34,500,000 available capspace.


2013-2014 Roster Situation

Notable Free Agents: (RFA) Jeff Teague, Taj Gibson, Ty Lawson, Timofey Mozgov, Steph Curry, Serge Ibaka, James Harden, Tyreke Evans.

(UFA) Josh Smith, Kevin Martin, CP3, Andrew Bynum, Mario Chalmers (TO), Monte Ellis (ETO), Manu Ginobli.

Assuming we receive a Nets 1st round pick (valuing at pick #25) The Clippers first round pick (valuing at #24) and we have our own 1st round pick (valuing at #14) We have a few options package 2 picks up to top ten and then select a late round pick as well package all three picks for a higher pick or make three picks at whatever spots we draft at.

I can't even fathom starting to predict who we could get with having that much capspace possilbly avaialble.



Brook Lopez is who he is a 20ppg scorer who his upside is 10rpg and is bottom is something like 6 rpg I believe he'll give you 20-8 a night. That's not TERRIBLE its not DWIGHT but you have to remember you need a Center. Also you get 3 draft picks that could turn in to really great or really bad. You also unload alot of really bad contracts Hennigan is having to take a bad salary situation and fix it and its hard to do. Next years FA class isn't as good as it looks... Josh Smith will want a max deal somewhere, CP3 isn't leaving LA, Bynum isn't leaving LA, Ibaka or Harden will stay in OKC, Manu will probably stay in SA.

Personally I think the deal is as fair as your gonna get b/c I think Lopez is an asset if you don't then its not real difference than the Rockets and the Lakers deal doesn't help us long term with cap space. Also seeing the FA available without some fancy smooth talking about Disney and how the fans will buy there merchandise I think we're going to be 3-5 years away from building a legit winner. Will we make the playoffs? probably will drafting in the next few years matter more than it has in a long time for this team? YES! YES! YES!

Thanks and Enjoy.

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