Dwight Trade Proposal - Better than Bynum?

First of all I have to say I'm not an Orlando homer, so apologies for that. I understand that at this point Orlando fans want Bynum, but is there a better choice? Here's what I propose.

Orlando gives up:

Dwight Howard

Jason Richardson (absorbed by TPE)

Glen Davis(absorbed by TPE)

Orlando receives:

Kenneth Faried

Wilson Chandler

Timofey Mozgov (expiring)

Al Harrington (3 years left, last two years not guaranteed)

Corey Brewer (expiring)

Choice of 2 or 3 Denver picks in the next 6 years (they have all theirs + NYK's in 2014 and a swap in 2016)

Why this works for Denver:

I know everyone says that Dwight will bolt if it's not NJ (or LA), but I don't think he'll a) want to leave a team in contention and b) will not have any better options this time next season. Denver was 6th in SRS last year despite a rash of injuries, and I think adding the second best player in the NBA puts them in the WCF year in/out. IF for some reason Dwight bolts, Denver still has enough talent around them to be competitive, and if they can stem the tide of those contracts they'll still be ok.

Why this works for Orlando:

Bynum is great, perhaps a top 10 player in the league when healthy BUT he IS a big risk both physically and emotionally. Faried is on a rookie scale, and Chandler's contract is very friendly compared to his contemporary wings. The last three players are throw-ins that expire quickly to keep salary down. Talent wise nobody is saying Bynum<what Denver has to offer, but Denver can offer a lot more. First of all they save $10mil instantly with the Nene TPE, plus they have more (and better, presumably with NYK not being as good as LAL or Denver w/Dwight) draft picks to offer up.

So trading with Denver allows Orlando to rid themselves of their two worst contracts (imo), and if/when they choose to release Hedo, the Magic can essentially hit the reset button with respect to their bad contracts and start fresh. That'll be more difficult with Bynum and whomever else LA is going to offer.

Denver can also change the players involved, perhaps offering Gallo or Javale via S&T. I put Faried in there because he's probably their top player asset with his salary.

So Orlando sucks more this year by trading with Denver, but they save Devos money immediately AND set themselves up better for the future. As an Orlando fan, which would you take?

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