Open Letter to deVos family and Mr. Hennigan : Do Not Be Jameer Nelson guys anymore, for franchise sake.

Everybody talks about Dwightmare but no one seems to remember when it started and it started by Jameer.

Most worryingly, people talk of how Dwight should be like Jameer and be loyal; Mr. Hennigan says "we want players who want to be there", "Jameer wants to be here". And it looks like Magic are thinking of resigning Jameer, I believe that move will hurt Magic much, much more than losing Dwight.

Update : Reports say Jameer and Magic have a deal in place, I was late to post.

It started on the last NBA finals Magic reached : Jameer "The self-proclaimed Co-Leader of Team" staged a comeback while he was still injured, killed team chemistry and new playsets installed while he was out, upset team by breaking their newly adjusted plays, made the team look like a fish out of water. Then just after killing the franchise's best chance of winning championship, he declared he was re-injured and shut himself down.

Update : Nowadays, most people think it was not the case and "organization decided to bring him back". In 2009 most people were thinking Jameer forced it.

In a league, where even a team featuring LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh need luck to reach NBA finals twice and need more luck to win championship, this "hero complex" deserves every punishment imaginable.

Otis Smith was a Jameer Nelson guy : when Dwight Howard recognized what happened and complained, "management" told him to shut up, act as professional and do not be a jerk anymore. And that was the time Dwight first started to question the management.

At that point, franchise needed to make some upgrades to go further.

However, the same "management" looked at the situation and as they were "Jameer guys" , instead of improving at the obvious point guard position, they decided to improve at Hedo's SF position : the player responsible for filling playmaking holes left by Jameer.

So, instead of getting a good point guard that did not need a complementary player to fill his stats, they tried to get a "better Hedo" to complement Jameer.

Alston was sent away, Hedo was let go. Jameer stayed.

Blockbuster trades, each one worser than the one before, followed.

All Dwight wanted was a very good point guard, he was given anything but that.

As if that was not enough, all bad moves were labeled "to please Dwight" and he became the scapegoat for Otis' blunders; but the less than average "co-leader" point guard stayed.

Every team plays with 5 players, but with Jameer on the floor, Magic play with 4,5 players :

  • PG Jameer : 0,5 PG player
  • SG : 1 player
  • SF : Hedo/VC : 0,5 PG + 0,5 SF player
  • PG : 1 player
  • C : Dwight : 1 C player

For gods sake, what should VC do : play 0,5 PG + 1 SF by himself ? What should Dwight do : play 0,5 PG + 1 C + 0,5 SF ? What should Hedo do : play 0,5 PG + 1 SF by himself ?

With Jameer on floor and your team having the ball, your center is running to score, your SG and PG are running to 3point shoots, but your PG is just running; your SF is not even running as he has no idea what he will need to do : shoot, pass, dribble, make plays ???

And everybody says "your SF is slow"... for gods sake, he is charged to think for your unpredictable PG and keep his eye on him, not his opponent. At a time every split second counts, he has no time to focus on his opponent.

Now, Hedo is seen "an albatross contract"; but if you add Hedo Turkoglu + Jameer's salary together, you end up with a superstar point guards salary. If Jameer was a good point guard, then you would not have to pay Hedo or any other "upgraded Hedo"s. With a pure PG, you can get a pure SF too ( they are easier to find than waiting for Emir Preldzic ).

Dear deVos family :

  • You have punished Otis, the guy who wrecked havoc your organization, by firing him. Mr. Hennigan says "Dwight is a generational player", how long is a generation, 10 years ? He lost 8 of them, all he needed to do was getting a very good point guard. He did everything except that, he was a "Jameer" guy.
  • You have punished Stan, who won games with whatever he was dealt, but got angry with the hand he had.
  • You are punishing Dwight, by shipping him to another place that does not have a good point guard.
  • Now, please complete the task, do not resign Jameer, and start from a clean state. If Dwight is guilty of punishment for wanting to play with a good point guard, then so is Jameer by a great measure by being the PG that killed your best chance at championship. He deserves every punishment even for that lost Final.
  • Any time Jameer spends on your team, your team will never contend and will be lost.

So, dear Mr. Hennigan : Dwight is not as fool or brat as you think, he knows he has to get over Heat and Oklahoma City to win a championship. He has seen that only teams with a really good point guard and really good center stand a chance against the Heat ( which does not have any of these players ) and OKC ( which does not have a really good center ).

If you can find and sign an exceptional point guard, sign him for this year and let Jameer walk, then you can keep Howard until trade deadline and maybe get a better deal.

If you can not, let Jameer walk too : the world is full of point guards who can play as average NBA PG, you can even trade for rookie PG or sign 3-4 undrafted PG's to fill the same spot; you will get the same level of production for much less than you will pay Jameer Nelson for "his loyalty to his hero complex".

It will take less than a minute to instruct someone to recheck what I have written, and it will take less than a few hours to collect all data and comparisons, and it will take less than 15 minutes to read and analyze if Jameer deserves a new contract or not.

Update : As they reached that deal; they concluded he deserves a contract.

Yours Sincerely,

Eyup Ozturk - Just a Magic observer

This FanPost was made by a member of the Orlando Pinstriped Post community, and is to be treated as the opinions and views of its author, not that of the blogger or blog community as a whole.

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