Which Deal is Right for the Magic

Bear with me here. I know that a lot of people are saying that the Cavs deal is just as bad as the Nets deal. This is not true. Allow me to explain the benefits of the (alleged) trade. And Have you guys vote on the one you think benefits the magic the most. I apologize in advance for the length.

In the first scenario, the Magic, Lakers, and Cavs will be making the blockbuster trade.

Orlando Gives: Dwight Howard, Jason Richardson, and Glen Davis
Orlando Gets: Anderson Varejao, Dion Waiters, Tyler Zeller, and 2013 First Round picks from Sacramento, Cleveland, Miami, and a 2nd round pick from Cleveland.

Why they do it: The Magic want to rebuild, this trade gives them 2 young prospects along with plenty of draft picks. The Sacramento pick is gonna be a lotto selection, and the Cleveland and Miami Picks could be traded for a higher selection. The Magic should select in the 6-12 range So it is possible the Magic could have 3 lotto selections.

Why they don't: Waiters hasn't really shown anything, and the 2013 draft isn't very deep. The Magic would have high draft picks but the players available may not warrant those selections. Also Anderson Varejao doesn't really fit what the Magic are trying to do.

LA Gives: Andrew Bynum
LA Gets: Dwight Howard

Why the do it: This makes the Lakers Title favorites. They get the best center in the game to pair along with 2 future Hall Of Famers. This team would easily be Finals favorites.

Why they don't: Dwight might not resign, if Dwight doesn't resign then the Lakers are out of luck.

Cleveland Gives: Anderson Varejao, Dion Waiters, Tyler Zeller, Picks
Cleveland Gets: Andrew Bynum, Jason Richardson, Glen Davis.

Why they do it: They Get a dominant center to pair with Kyrie Irving. Yes they lose Dion Waiters, but he hasn't shown much and they get Jason Richardson who can help on both ends of the court. They also add Glen Davis making their Starting Line up Irving, Richardson/Gibson, Alonzo Gee, Davis/Thompson, Bynum. This is definitely a playoff team, add a few players in free agency and you have yourselves a serious contender.

Why they don't: They give up their #4 selection and a ton of picks, for some bad contracts and a player who might not resign. They lose two young prospects and a lot of picks is the bottom line.

Now as you see from that the Magic get a ton of picks and a potential star in Dion Waiters, but is that deal better than the Houston Deal? Lets take a look at the proposed 3 team deal between the Lakers, Magic, and Rockets.

Orlando Gives: Dwight Howard, Jason Richardson, and Hedo Turkoglu

Orlando Gets: Jeremy Lamb, Terrance Jones, Kevin Martin, First Round Picks from Dallas, and Toronto

Why they do it: Orlando Sheds tons of salary while also picking up 2 prospects that have dominated in the summer league. They also pick up a good shooter in Kmart and 2 picks that are possible lotto selections.

Why they don't: No real significant reason other than to hold out for a better option, but the Magic probably wont get one Again the draft isn't very deep so the picks may not mean much.

LA Gives: Andew Bynum

LA Gets: Dwight Howard, Jason Richardson

Why they do it: Again instant Championship favorites, while also picking up some bench scoring.

Why they don't: They take on a bad contract while also risking Dwight not re-signing.

Houston Gives: Jeremy Lamb, Terrance Jones, Kmart, Picks

Houston Gets: Andrew Bynum, Hedo Turkoglu

Why they do it: Houston finally gets its superstar, they can build around him and eventually become a contender.

Why they don't: Although Bynum has said he would commit long term in Houston, its no sure thing. Also they lose two of their prospects and picks in the upcoming draft.

As Dwight's never ending saga continues, these two trade ideas are the most frequently discussed. Which one do you think the Magic should take? Cleveland's or Houston's? Either way the Magic are going to look very different come next season. Will it look like this?

PG: Jameer Nelson, Chris Duhon, Maalik Wayns.

SG: Dion Waiters, JJ Reddick

SF: Hedo Turkoglu, Quentin Richardson, Earl Clark

PF: Anderson Varejao, Andrew Nicholson, Gustavo Ayon

C: Tyler Zeller, Kyle, O'Quinn

OR like this

PG: Jameer Nelson, Chris Duhon, Maalik Wayns

SG: Jeremy Lamb, JJ Reddick

SF: Kevin Martin, Quentin Richardson, Earl Clark

PF: Andrew Nicholson, Terrance Jones, Gustavo Ayon

C: Glen Davis, Kyle O'Quinn

So Magic fans which Trade do you prefer?

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