Take it or Leave it

The Magic are in desperate need of young players, draft picks, and shedding unwanted salary; This is no secret around the league. To me it seems only two deals were possible in making this happen; The Houston Rockets deal and a three team deal with the Lakers and Cleveland. Throw the Brooklyn Nets out the window completely, there is no way, even if they wait until January 15th, when Brook Lopez becomes trade-able again. Hennigan is not going to take back an average center who is not a difference maker at 15 million per season for the next four years. FORGET ABOUT IT!! Options are running very low. Houston signs Jeremy Lin, and possibly Osik from Chicago and they can no longer take back all the extra salary that was so intriguing to Orlando.

Now we move on to the best deal available. Dwight will soon realize, if he has not already, that he will not play in Brooklyn, so where will he want to go? Dallas? Possibly, but no trade assets will make it nearly impossible to make a trade there. He wants to play for a contender and can potentially lineup next to PAU GASOL, STEVE NASH, AND KOBE BRYANT? My only question is why would he not want to? Before you write your little comments, I know all about the little rumors that "Dwight and Kobe don't get along", and "Dwight doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of all the great Laker centers". One thing can change all that- WINNING CHAMPIONSHIP

Lakers Receive: Dwight Howard, Quinten Richardson

Cavs Receive: Andrew Bynum, Glen Davis, Jason Richardson, Chris Duhon

Magic Receive: Luke Walton, Daniel Gibson, Tristian Thompson, Dion Waiters, Josh McRoberts, Cavs 1st round pick in 2013

Lakers: They want Dwight Howard in the worst way, even if they say they don't. Who wouldn't?? Q-Rich only has 2 years left at a modest 2.3 million a year and he's a veteran who can help off the bench.

Cavs: They get the 2nd best Center in the league to pair with Kyrie Irving. The Price? Essentially 3 first round picks, and a couple of unwanted contracts; However, Big Baby, and JRich are still solid players and can be very good role players behind Irving and Bynum. This team instantly goes from a lottery team to potentially a top-5 team in the East. It's worth it for the Cavs, chances to get big men like Bynum do not come around very often.

Magic: Get rid of contracts (Jrich, Big baby, Duhon, and Qrich) While receiving expiring contracts in ( Walton, Gibson, and McRoberts) They start their rebuilding efforts in a very good way by getting Waiters and Thompson (both #4 overall picks the past two years) and one more first rounder probably to be in the late teens, early 20's range.

To me, all parties involved come out a winner. The Magic actually may be the worst off in this trade because they are shipping out a top 5 player in the NBA for potential and cap space. So this trade in no way is favoritism toward the Magic. The Lakers have their Center for years to come, once again. The Cavs take the express track to rebuilding and put a winner on the court now.

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