Yes...Another trade proposal!

I don't post a lot, but I read 90% of what is posted on this site. As an avid Magic fan since '91, I have a vested interest in the success of the team over individual player choice. My philosophy is, "If he's wearing PINSTRIPES, I'm rootin' for 'em!" That being said, I thought of an idea of a different type of trade that I believe would satisfy our fans, as well as Mr. DeVos, as it would make us legit Title contenders fairly quickly into the "Post-Dwight Era." I would welcome your opinions, but please keep in mind this just something that is different from all of the proposed trade options that have been MERCILESSLY discussed on this site since last year. It is the opposite of the "Young players+draft picks+cap flexibility" mold, so I know there will be critics...WHATEVER! LOL...but, seriously, here it is (after the jump):


LAKERS get: Dwight Howard (19.5m) ~ Zach Randolph (16-17m) ~ Hedo Turkoglu (12m)

GRIZZLIES get: Pau Gasol (19m) ~ J. Richardson (5.8m) ~ M. World Peace (7-8m) ~ J. McRoberts (?)

MAGIC get: Andrew Bynum (16m) ~ Rudy Gay (17-18m) ~ Devin Ebanks (S&T)

Why the LAKERS agree?

Mainly because they are in "Win Now" mode, as Kobe has only 2yrs left on his contract, and Steve Nash is only 39 yrs young! Their title window is very well-known, so they will welcome any upgrades to their roster. They are not very far away from overtaking OKC now, if healthy when the Playoffs start, so upgrading from arguably the #2 center in the league to the consensus #1 center, who won 3 CONSECUTIVE Defensive Player of the Year titles....yeah. HUGE! Also, they lose anything by swapping Gasol for Randolph. The penalty for the upgrade is Hedo Turkoglu, who didn't exactly play well with Nash in Phoenix, but hey, that's a small price to pay to have a clear 2 year championship window and cap room afterward to add an All-Star.

Why the Grizzlies agree?

They have been actively shopping Rudy Gay since the trade deadline, and also covet a chance to pair the Gasol brothers on their front line. They also just lost O.J. Mayo to free agency, so they have a glaring hole at SG. Richardson is no Mayo, but is serviceable, and will benefit from playing alongside Conley in the backcourt. MWP would fill the slot at SF for now, and would be easy to move next summer as an expiring contract. They need some contract flexibility as well, so we may have to sub-in J.J. Redick as an expiring contract this season+1st rd'er to sweeten the pot a little bit. But, of course, the first objective would be to move the bad contract J-rich. We won't offer Redick unless it's a deal-breaker. Memphis is not contending this year anyway without Mayo unless they get some shooting anyway, so they could really position themselves to re-design their team around the Gasol cornerstones with this trade.

Why the Magic agree?

Well, it's not the OKC model for re-building, but it will instantly transform this team from the punchline of the league into a scary legit contender in a VERY short amount of time. The Magic turn their Superstar, who also happens to be arguably the #2 player OVERALL in the NBA, into the #2 center and Top 5 SF in the league. They also keep enough flexibility to add another All-Star to the team to make their own "Big 3," by ridding themselves of at least one bad contract. Let's not forget that they have a very nice $7-8mil TPE from the Ryan Anderson trade (I can't get used to saying that), so that allows them to trade any remaining value to a team that needs to unload a contract in the $12-15mil range. My vote would be Iggy 1st, then Monta 2nd (my opinion), but their availability is not rumored at the present time. The ideal situation would allow Orlando to trade away Hedo+JRich with DH12, and use JJ+RA's TPE to add the 3rd piece to the core. They would also have the flexibility of using Bynum at the deadline to acquire more assets if they choose not to keep him.

Note: My apologies for not having specific salary info. My internet connection will not allow me to do more than try and send this post through at the present time. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE CORRECTIONS TO INFO AND SUGGEST ALTERNATIVES TO MAKE SALARIES MATCH. It's important to note also that all 3 teams are over the cap, but I know for certain that Orlando owns at least one TPE. That would allow us to take back more salary than we send out. Thanks for listening to my 2 Cents!!

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