A Magical Rebuild..

I think most of us are fairly excited about ending the Dwightmare and shipping him to Houston in exchange for them pulling off a plethora of our bad contracts and sending us picks and young players in return. Obviously….that means one painful season for us coming up and watching the draft lottery with our eyes glued to the set (rooting for another Magic lottery ball and rooting for Toronto not to win it). In any case it occurs to me that this deal could kick the Magic into high gear on a rebuild. I’ve heard some bad mouthing on the 2013 free agent class but see plenty of attractive options. Let’s assume we get our own pick in 2013 , Toronto’s , and Dallas. Let’s also say that we fail out on hitting the lottery and own picks 6, 10 , and 23. Not a bad trio even in a draft class that isn’t the deepest. I’m going to use conservative numbers to show what we will have on the books in 2013. (Also some educated guessing). I’m also assuming that Glenn Davis, Jason Richardson, Quentin Richardson, and Chris Duhon depart as part of the Dwight Howard trade.

All Dollars in Millions

Jameer Nelson PG, 8M (Hey gotta have someone to show the young guys how to play)

Hedo Turkoglu SF, 12M(Partial Guarantee)

Marcus Morris F , 2.1M

Patrick Peterson PF , 2.1M(Team Option)

Gustavo Ayon C, 1.5M(Team Option)

Andrew Nicholson PF , 1.25M

Chandler Parson SF 0.95M

Royce White SF/PF 0.88 M

Jeremy Lamb SG, 1.6 M

Kyle O’Quinn – 0.65 M

10 Players Cap Space: 28.93

Cap Holds for the 3 First Round Picks equals at or about 5 million.

Players whose Bird Rights we’ll own: Kevin Martin SG, J.J. Reddick SG, Earl Clark PF/C, Justin Harper F

So let’s say we enter 2013 with a cap value of 34 million (leaves us 24 million in cap space) we could also add another 6 million by cutting Turk, but we could also just save that for 2014 off-season and be patient.

Whose legitimately available?

(NOTE: I’ve excluded players with team options that won’t be turned down , like John Wall’s 4 million dollar team option, or players with options they won’t turn down like Ben Gordon getting 13 million)

I’ve also ranked them according to my very unscientific Magic desirability index (so yes I left Dwight off), plus I moved the Restricted Free Agents down some because sending them offer sheets takes time and might cut into the desirability

Andrew Bynum C Lakers – Totally unrestricted would be the top free agent target across the league if Dwight resigns with Houston(If both he and Dwight are FA at the same time…it might distract someone)

Chris Paul PG L.A. Clippers – Likely a max deal might not fit , will be targeted by Houston heavily

Monta Ellis SG-PG Milwaukee (ETO) – Should be interesting to see the Monta market

Nikola Pekovic C-PF Minnesota – Very interesting big man

Josh Smith SF-PF Atlanta – Gadget forward slightly overrated IMO but still a borderline all star

James Harden SG Oklahoma City (RFA) – Can’t imagine them not matching

Serge Ibaka PF Oklahoma City(RFA) – Another one I think the Thunder have to match

Blake Griffin LA Clippers(RFA) – Just how cheap is Donald Sterling again? With almost any other organization I wouldn’t even bother listing him, but if Paul leaves would Sterling blow his team up…again to save money?

Al Jefferson C Utah – Poor Al, just good enough to be an above average starter at C….but something is always missing around him

Jose Calderon PG Toronto – Playing for the Raptors until he works out a trade deal so shouldn’t’ be available

Brandon Jennings PG (RFA) – Still very young not sure the Bucks let him walk despite regressing recently

Stephen Curry PG-SG Golden State(RFA) – Golden State will probably match, they are not the cheap Clippers..just inept

Ty Lawson PG Denver (RFA)- Denver probably matches anything not insane

Tyreke Evans PG Sacramento (RFA) – Big pay raise are the Kings willing to pony up?

Andre Igudala Philadelphia (ETO) – Good player probably a bad fit on a rebuilding team

Taj Gibson Chicago(RFA) – Can’t see them letting go of both Asik and Gibson

Paul Milsap PF Utah – Sounding like Yogi Berra, not as young as he used to be

Jrue Holiday PG Philadephia (RFA) –Good young player will depend on the number

Gerald Henderson SG Charlotte (RFA) – Could be an interesting signing at the right price

Tony Allen SG Memphis – Great defensive stopper and would piss off LeBron

David West PF Indiana – Quality veteran might not fit

DeMar DeRoazan SG Toronto (RFA)

Darren Collison PG Dallas (RFA) – Would he leave Dallas? Could Nelson mentor him to live up to his potential?

Byron Mullins C Charlotte – Viable backup type Center

Devin Harris PG Utah – Unrestricted this depends on budget not really a big upgrade over Nelson

Jarrett Jack PG New Orleans – Yeah will be moving on

Manu Ganobili San Antonio – Probably not a great fit for a rebuilding club

DeJuan Blair PF San Antonio

James Johnson Toronto (RFA)

Tyler Hansbrough PF Indiana(RFA)

Hakim Warrick PF Pheonix (Team Option)

Emeka Okafor Washington (Player Option) – I don’t think he opts out but I could be wrong

Zaza Pachulia C Atlanta – Always seems to be just good enough to be a backup

Mario Chalmers PG Miami – uck

Stephen Jackson San Antonio – Seriously he’s available lol

Corey Magette Detroit – Thanks but no thanks

Dorrell Wright SF Golden State

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