Wednesday: D12-Trade Thread

D12 Trade Destinations:

I will update with the best most informative tweets.

Media Tweets:

Adrian Wojnarowski: Rockets remain strongly engaged w/ Orlando in direct talks for Dwight Howard, sources tell Y! They've spent little time on 3-way scenarios. Twitter: 1:31 AM

Chris Sheridan: Source on Dwight Howard trade: "It's all coming to a head." Translation: He's being dealtsomewhere today. Twitter 9:36 AM

Ken Berger: While the Orlando Magic continued weighing a multitude of trade options for Dwight Howard, the Brooklyn Nets are poised to move on without the All-Star center if a deal cannot be consummated Wednesday, league sources told With the Nets' longtime pursuit of Howard complicated by the withdrawal of Cleveland as a third team to facilitate the deal, the Magic's ongoing conversations with the Rockets, Lakers and Hawks gained momentum. "Everything is in play," one league source said of Orlando's options. 11:49 AM

Ken Berger: Neither Andrew Bynum nor his agent has been contacted by any team to gauge his interest in signing a long-term deal if traded, source says. As of yesterday, Lakers assured Bynum's camp, "Nothing's happening" on the trade front, a person close to the All-Star center said. Twitter 11:50 AM The Brooklyn Nets will "resolve" their pursuit of Dwight Howard on Wednesday, a league source said. General manager Billy King is meeting with the agent for center Brook Lopez in Los Angeles on Wednesday, sources said, and it is expected that he will either sign Lopez with the intent on dealing him to the Orlando Magic for Howard or sign Lopez with the idea of keeping him and moving forward without Howard. 12:20 PM

Marc Stein: Among Nets' reasons to push for Dwight finality today, sources say, is fear Blazers will sign RFA Brook Lopez after Indy matched on Hibbert 12:26 PM

Adrian Wojnarowski: After spending most of Tuesday negotiating with Rockets and Lakers, Orlando has re-engaged Brooklyn today, league sources tell Y! Sports. Twitter 1:00 PM

Tony Mejia: #Magic re-visiting, giving #Nets the yes/no they've asked for Lopez sake. Up to Hennigan, who addresses media @ 4. Status quo for poker game Twitter 1:10 PM

Josh Robbins: If #Nets sign Brook Lopez today, but not as a sign-and-trade, Nets can't trade him until Jan. 15. Confirmed by @larrycoon Twitter 1:15 PM

Adrian Wojnarowski: To be clear on Magic, they remain in talks with several teams, including the Nets, Rockets, Lakers and assuredly more. 1:34 PM

Adrian Wojnarowski: The Nets can have more flexibility with the guarantees on a 5th year of a max deal, because no team can offer Lopez more than four years. 1:40 PM

Mike Prada: . @Howard Beck reports that Brook Lopez has a max offer sheet from another team on the table. 1:50 PM

Adrian Wojnarowski: To keep alive chances to get Howard, Billy King can't let Lopez sign sheet. Nor can he let him walk if Nets don't get DH. Has to pay Lopez. 1:51 PM

On radio Adrian Wojnarowski says: 2:10 PM

  • if D12 becomes free agent --> no big markets have cap space
  • Currently, Houston is best trade option
  • D12 emphatic Brooklyn or nothing
  • people telling Hennigan to wait

Marc Stein: Source close to process says Portland & Charlotte have indeed told Brook Lopez they're ready to sign him today to four-year max offer sheet 2:11 PM

Ken Berger: A possible replacement for Cleveland as the third team to facilitate the Brooklyn deal, Charlotte, was "not in the mix," a league source said Tuesday. "They never were," said another. 2:30 PM

Stefan Bondy: Kobe said Dwight would work on the Lakers: "Absolutely he would." Twitter 3:07 PM

Adrian Wojnarowski: Brooklyn's fully guaranteed the first 4 years, $58M of a max deal offer for Brook Lopez, sources tell Y! Sides still discussing 5th year. Twitter 3:10 PM

Nets president Billy King made an improved offer on Wednesday morning to spare the Nets the turmoil of Lopez signing an offer sheet with the Bobcats, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. King made the first four years and $58 million of the extension fully guaranteed – no partial guarantees to account for Lopez’s foot problems – and the two sides were negotiating on the fifth year of a potential $78 million extension.

King was meeting with Lopez’s agent, Arn Tellem, on Wednesday in Los Angeles. 3:18 PM

David Baumann: #Magic GM Rob Hennigan: "We've made some pretty good headway," regarding head coaching search.

Yannis Koutroupis: Hennigan: "criteria has been philosophical for coaching search. Thats driving the process."

Brian Windhorst: Hennigan confirmed he spoke with Howard today, said it was "positive" & "conversational." Reports are he told Howard talks dead. "Dwight understands where we're at."

Brian T. Smith: Hennigan said there are no finalists for Magic coaching job but they should be soon named internally.

Jarrod Rudolph: Magic GM Rob Hennigan wouldn’t give “specifics” of conversation with Howard. Sources tells me he told Howard “we tried.”

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