Breakdown of Past Superstar Trades

The latest trade rumor with the Magic receiving a poo poo platter from the Nets is really hard to believe. The proposed trade would bring these players:

Brook Lopez

Luke Walton

Damion James

Sheldon Williams

Armon Johnson

3 1st rd picks

And I say this is not the trade that is going to happen. Let's look at some of the past trades for superstar players with some notes.

Carmelo Anthony trade:

Wilson Chandler-a 4th yr player with upside

Ray Felton-more to accomodate the salaries, but a guy the Knicks just signed in the offseason who only had a 2 yr deal.

Danilo Gallinari-Top 10 pick going into his 3rd year. The "prize" for the Nuggets

Tim Mozgov-A 7 ft rookie with some skill. A major plus for the trade

NY's 1st rd pick in 2014, 2 of Golden State's 2nd round picks; one of which was used this year on Quincy Miller

Deron Williams trade:

Derrick Favors-Rookie top 3 pick. Main piece in trade

Devin Harris-Above average PG, primiarly to accomodate salaries.

NJ's 1st rd pick last year(used on Enes Kanter), and eventually one of Golden State's 1st round picks. Pick has a lot of protections on it though.

Paul Gasol trade:

Kwame Brown-expiring contract (9 mill)

Jarvaris Crittenton-rookie PG, I think this might have been the "target" for the Grizz, definitely did not work out that way. Remember when all of us wanted him? Moving on...

Marc Gasol-a 2007 2nd rd pick which I don't believe the Grizz thought was going to be this good.

2 1st round picks-one in 2008(Donte Greene, later flipped for Darrell Arthur) and 2010 (used for Grevis Vasquez, later flipped for Quincy Pondexter)

CP3 Trade:

Al Aminu-2nd yr player

Eric Gordon-4th yr player

Chris Kaman-expiring contract

A very critical 1st round pick because it was from Minnesota and turned out to be in the top ten.

Now, this Dwight situation is really different than the others. The Magic want at least one of the bad contracts to go with Dwight (Turk, JRich, Davis). In these last few trades, the team receiving the star (NJ,NY,LAC,LAL) did not take on a bad contract. And then there is that whole extenstion thing also. Paul and Williams were not locked up, Gasol couldn't wait to leave Memphis, and Melo of course wanted nothing but to play for the Knicks.

So in the proposed trade, we would receiving an expiring contract (Walton at 6 mil), James(a 3rd yr player who will be 25 entering the season and has a career 8.9 PER), Sheldon Williams (not much of an expiring, probably 1 mil, arguably the worst player in the NBA), and Armon Johnson (a 2010 2nd rd pick who has been on 2 teams in 2 years).

And then there is Lopez. He is an above average player, his PER has always been around 19-20. He is 24, and will probably get better. But just looking at this "formula", what the past teams have done with trading their superstar players, none have taken a big contract. And is Lopez the "prize" the team would want?

So I think Houston or Dallas is going to get Dwight. I think they will roll the dice and try to convince Dwight to stay and sign the extension. I think the package will be a young player, a draft pick, and an expiring for Dwight and one of our bad contracts. This whole situation stinks but I'm giving Hennigan the benefit and say he will not take that Brooklyn deal.

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