What the Magic Need to Do this Offseason

Look the magic are in a state of uncertainty and alot of you magic fans are going into complete panic or shutdown mode but that shouldn't be the case. While this year's FA aren't glamorous, they will in fact get the job done. Blue collar FA workers.

The magic need to address a couple positions this offseason:

1. PG - Lets be honest, Jameer probably will not return. I have his jersey so this makes me kinda mad too, but anyway we need a taller PG who can specialize in something like passing or attacking so we can formulate an offense around their strengths. I do believe Ish Smith is a good PG if given a chance.

  • Aaron Brooks - Definitely a temporary solution but cheap and can play.
  • Andre Miller - I love him as a backup PG but playing a little more minutes than normal.
  • Jeremy Lin - Don't love its TO ratio and probably isn't attracted here but would be nice if we could lure him.
  • Raymond Felton - He's definitely not worth 7 million but I'd pay him 3-5 million over 2 years.
2. SF - Turk just isn't going to cut it when guarding Durant or Lebron or Carmelo. He just isn't. I'm not saying we go find a star but we need a SF with length who can create for others and play defense. This position is probably the thinest in FA so if we want quality, the best bet is to trade for a SF of our choice when we trade Dwight.
  • Gerald Wallace - He's available but STAY AWAY with his bad knees and big contract, just another turk in the making.
  • Nic Batum - I've thought this guy was a boss since portland. He is long, can dunk in your face, shoot the 3, finish in transition and defend. He's also on 2.2 million contract but I think he's the best SF in FA this year and we'd need a 3.4 million qualifying offer. I think it's worth it at the max of 5 million.
  • You have Grant Hill, Matt Barnes, and other older SF. I think the rest of the class is either unproven players or players that are aging. It's too much of a risk with our salary cap and our current state to gamble on this position, especially with the increasing importance in the league today.
3. SG - Jason Richardson is old. Face it. He may play better under a new coach but he isn't returning to all star form. I used to believe until I saw him get pinned by the rim on a dunk last season, his legs have had enough. Also, I can see the impact from the condensed schedule probably contributed too but he seriously didn't score if it wasn't a 3. I remember too many times looking at the box score and jrich shoots 3-9 from the field and 8 out of those 9 shots are three pointers. He can't guard a dwayne wade or monta ellis. He is a decent backup at best. Reference Pietrus role on the celtics.
  • Jamal Crawford - You go after this guy asap especially after what he did to us in the playoffs two seasons ago. He can shoot, dribble under pressure(unlike duhon), play the PG spot, is tall, creates for other players and gives you instant offense. This would be my #1 FA target if GM. Plus he's coming off a bad performance in Portland with a 5 million dollar contract. It will only get cheaper or stay the same.
  • Landry Fields - I wouldn't mind getting Fields because of his intelligence. He's probably a better leader than Dwight Howard. Just honestly, he motivates you and plays extremely hard. He can also guard well. A good pickup.
Rob Henningan I hope you are reading. Sign Crawford, trade dwight and get a B+ SF in the league out of it and maybe a solid PG too. Sign Andre Miller as your backup PG. Find a C that can rebound for a temporary solution.

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