The Amazingly Overly Complex Blockbuster Trade Deal

Ok I’ve never posted my own trades on the site but I figured since everyone else was I could at least entertain myself (and perhaps some of you), with a trade that would probably never happen (of course most of those proposed here wouldn’t). However it would be legal and provide equal value to all concerned. Beyond that I figured there is at least a chance that Brian Shaw is hired as head coach and Dwight changes his mind (again) and re-ups with the Magic; which is of course the best option.

That being said something fun to think about: (at least for those of you who enjoy contemplating such things)

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Dwight Howard C ORL, Glenn Davis PF ORL, Kyle Lowry PG HOU, Jason Richardson SG ORL, Chris Duhon PG ORL, Earl Clark F/C ORL, Orlando’s 1st Round Pick #19 this season, a top 5 protected conditional 2014 1st rounder from Charlotte.

Houston Rockets Receive: Paul Gasol PF/C LAL, Bismark Biyombo C CHA, Gerald Henderson SG CHA, Tyrus Thomas PF CHA, Christian Eyenga SF LAL, Reggie Williams SF CHA

Charlotte Bobcats Receive: Andrew Bynum C LAL, Luis Scola PF HOU, J.J. Redick SG ORL, Steve Blake PG LAL, Quentin Richardson SF ORL, Andrew Goudelock PG/SG LAL

Orlando Magic Receive: Kemba Walker PG CHA, Kevin Martin SG HOU, Corey Maggette SF CHA, S. Dalembert C HOU, Josh McRoberts PF LAL, Patrick Peterson PF CHA, Charlotte’s 1st Round Pick #2 overall this season.

(Just for the record – yes this trade works under current NBA rules – as soon as the season ends and Charlotte’s existing contracts expire they have the cap space for this one)

Why Jerry Bus of the Lakers just might go for this one after a late night mohito? – Believe it or not Kobe Bryant is 35 the Lakers window is closing this brings them two key pieces to help take advantage of Kobe’s closing championship window as well as gives them a clear All-NBA player in Howard and the best point guard they have had in the past decade (Fisher was good but Lowry is the kind of on the ball defender who can handle a Russell Westbrook/Tony Parker type). Steven A. Smith reported that the Lakers certainly wanted to move past either Blake or Sessions to add a PG, and while Davis is clearly no Gasol – he does play better as a starter and has playoff experience. Add in two 1st round picks and they could add in some inexpensive depth.

Laker Starting 5: Lowry PG, Bryant SG, M.World Peace SF, G. Davis PF , D. Howard C , with Jason Richardson, Ramon Sessions, Matt Barnes, and Earl Clark working off the bench.

Why Houston would sign on the dotted line? They finally get the “star” player in Paul Gasol they want and better for them it’s not a rental. They also get to keep their two first round picks to add players and would presumably re-sign Dragic. They also add promising young center Bismark Biyombo and developmental SG Gerald Henderson. They wouldn’t be thrilled taking on Tyrus Thomas but they have always been willing to take 1 bad deal in order to land a star.

Rocket Starting 5: Dragic PG, Henderson/Lee SG, R. Williams SF, Gasol PF, Biyombo C with Tyrus Thomas , Lee/Henderson, and M.Morris off the bench (along with any NBA ready player they draft).

Why Michael Jordan would get on board ? Charlotte won just 7 games last season, his team is in basketball country in North Carolina where Duke and UNC are the talk of the town. Not only does he get an All-Star Center (and with Dwight headed west the best center in the East) but he’s actually got a playoff roster (not a contender but a winner). He sets a condition of resigning Bynum for his 2014 pick and his Bobcats don’t play in front of an empty arena; he’d have Duke Darling J.J. Redick there to sell tickets too. Granted his bench would be terrible, but right now his starters are getting 7 wins so – yeah. If he can somehow find a legit SF in the off-season he might really have something going. Plus he’d be WAYY better than 7 wins – he might actually win more than he loses.

Bobcat Starting 5: Blake PG, J.J. Redick SG, Q.Richardson SF, L.Scola PF, Bynum C, with Matt Carrol , Desagana Diop , Byron Mullins, and whatever warm bodies he can scout up.

Why Orlando would be wise to take it? We get to clear the deck, everyone we acquire except for Kimba Walker is on an expiring contract. In Walker we get the best rookie PG not named Rubio and Walker is younger and should be less of a defensive liability when matured. The #2 pick could be used on presumably Kentucky SF Michael Kidd Gilchrist. If we keep Ryan Anderson, come next off-season we would have only those 3 players and the albatross Hedo under contract. We’d be WOEFUL next season especially given our lack of front court presence. We’d be back in the lottery but also have a payroll of about 25 million (give or take) enough space to add a couple of great players while also owning an expiring deal in Turk.

Magic Starting 5: Walker PG, K. Martin SG, Kidd-Gilchrist SF, R. Anderson PF, S. Dalembert C. with C. Magette / Turkoglu P. Patterson/McRoberts, and whatever backcourt player we could find.

Also – Yes this would set an NBA record with 24 players traded that would be unlikely to be challenged – as I said 1 chance in a million to happen, maybe worse, but slightly better odds than the lottery and would certainly give the Magic a clean slate with promising pieces. It would give the Lakers a Championship contender now and after Kobe is gone, the Rockets get their star player, the Bobcats get to be respectable while also acquiring an All-Star C. And if you don't like it the very least given the complexity hopefully it have you chuckle.

This FanPost was made by a member of the Orlando Pinstriped Post community, and is to be treated as the opinions and views of its author, not that of the blogger or blog community as a whole.

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