Orl/Hou/Tor Deal

We have all been hearing the rumors about the Rockets gathering assets (draft picks) to make a deal with the Orlando Magic for Superstar Dwight Howard. I say Superstar because, well he is one, but also because that's the reason the Rockets are willing to take a chance on a one-year rental for Howard. They want that superstar attraction to fill their seats and give their fans something to be excited about, even if for just one year. With the rare hope that they go on to win enough this year to convince Dwight to stay, that is not of our concern. Our concern and the concern of new Magic GM Rob Hennigan should be to get back the absolute most value for Dwight that he can. With the way he cleaned house in the front office, I say the Magic are gearing up for a new era. Now, obviously, if he can convince Dwight to commit long term, that is priority #1; Dwight is one of the top 5 players in the NBA, a Franchise cornerstone, once in a generation player, so Rob Hennigan will do everything in his power to convince that Dwight Orlando is where he should be for the remainder of his career. The problem with all of this, is the time restraints put on the new Magic GM. With the Draft and Free Agency rapdily approaching, this decsion might have to be made within the next week for the best interest of the Orlando Magic.

If Dwight refuses to commit long-term and continues his wishes to want out of Orlando, then this a trade that I propose. This trade isn't just made up out of the blue, it's based on the reported rumors floating around the league.

Orlando Receives: Kevin Martin (one year-11.5 million) Samuel Dalembert (one year-7.0 million) Jose Calderon (one year-9.8 million) Toronto 1st Rd. Draft Pick (#8 Overall) Bobcats, Kings, Blazers or Warriors 1st Rd. draft Pick (#2, #5, #6, or #7, repectively)

Houston Receives: Dwight Howard (one year- 18.1 million) Linas Kleiza (two years- 4.6 million) Quienten Richardson (two years- 2.5 million) Jason Richardson (three years 5.5 million)

Toronto Receives: Kyle Lowry (two years 5.8 million) Patrick Patterson (two years-2 million) Marcus Morris (three years- 1.8 million) Chris Duhon (two years- 3.3 million)


Orlando receives 2 Top-10 Draft Picks. With the Rockets now owning three picks in the draft, #14, #16, #18, I'm not quite sure how far they will be able to move up packaging those picks. The reason I put the Bobcats in there is because this is a deep draft and they need ALOT of help, which three picks could do, still a long shot, however.

The Magic end up with 2 Top-10 Draft Picks to turn into the future of their Franchise. They will remain competitive and possibly a playoff team with the players they still have as well. Kevin Martin, Samuel Dalembert, and Jose Calderon are all servicable veterans who are not wanted with their current teams. The huge plus for the Magic in this is all three players have expiring contracts. While obtaining three veterans with expiring contracts, they also exported three bad contracts in Duhon, J.Richardson, and Q.Richardson.


Houston is the only team in the deal receiving a perrenial Superstar in Dwight Howard. They give up a lot, but gain much more in the All-NBA Center. Even if it only lasts a year, it will be year Houston fans will not forget. Let's face it, Houston is a middle of the pack team right now with not very many signs of progressing to the elite teams, so the worst case for the Rockets is Dwight does leave after a year, and they rebuild, which would have probably been coming anyway.


Toronto picks up a very underrated, but very talented Point Guard in Kyle Lowry. He can really help this team, along with Demar Derozan elevate to the next level. Calderon has worn out his welcome in Toronto and they are happy to move him, along with the overpaid, underachieving Linas Kleiza, who can still be servicable in Houston with Dwight in the middle. Along with Lowry, they pick up two young players in Patterson and Morris. Morris had a disappointing rookie season, so maybe a change of scenary will help his cause.

As always, there will be those of you who agree and disagree with this proposal. Everyone sees things differently, that is the way of the world. Through my eyes, this benefits every team involved considering each team's situations.

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