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The Orlando Magic are in unknown territory as far as the direction of their program. Today in the NBA, superstars dictate where they will play, who they will play with, and how much money they will make. I understand they are not the ones making the final decision, but I don't think anyone is naive in that the firing of Stan and Otis had a lot to do with Dwight Howard and his "feelings". (Otis was probably a good thing) The point is, this is a trend that is only getting worse. How does the NBA put an end to it? I'm not sure they'll ever be able to, soon there will be player/GM's. Just saying

As far as our future goes as Magic fans and believers, give us something to believe in! We know Dwight Howard's don't come around very often; however I'd rather have players there that want to be in Orlando, and are not worried about going to NY or LA to be a movie star. I love Dwight and everything he has done for Orlando, but if he is ready to move on with his life, if he seeks more attention, more money, a larger lifestyle, then we have to let him free. He will never reach his maximum potential in a situation he does not want to be in. So as hard as it may be for the fans, Alex Martins, the new GM, and Rich Devos, it's time to say goodbye to Dwight.

Now that the emotional goodbye is out of the way, it's time to make a smart business decision. Sorry Brooklyn fans, unless you can pull off a miracle, or we hire Jay-Z as our GM, you will not be getting Dwight, at least not from us. It's just not possible, your team is too bad, full of unwanted players with no potential. The Dallas Mavericks, sorry but you have nobody not named Dirk that will be good enough to trade for a franchise cornerstone.

That leaves the LA Clippers, LA Lakers, and from what I'm reading, the willing to Rent-a-Howard Houston Rockets. Somebody else already has a very good post called "Rocket Plan" that pretty much narrows down the possibilities if Dwight is going to go to Houston. So I'll leave that alone and just refer you to that post.

As far as the Clippers are concerned, talk about Executive of the Year if they can somehow swing Dwight and team him with another ALL-NBA player Chris Paul. Before you get all worked up saying, "no way the clippers trade Blake Griffin, " I ask you to really think about what you've seen in the playoffs this year and what a team with Dwight Howard and Chris Paul could do with a good supporting cast. This is the trade that I think makes the most sense for both sides than any other.

Clippers receive: C Dwight Howard .. PF Glen Davis .. SF Quinten Richardson

Magic receive: PF Blake Griffin .. C Deandre Jordan .. PG Eric Bledsoe .. SF Ryan Gomes

The Magic get just about equal value in return, I don't think they could possibly get better value for Dwight Howard from any other team. A good young core of Griffin, Jordan, and Bledsoe. Orlando will still have Ryan Anderson, JJ Redick, Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, plus their young players, Clark, Harper, Liggins (resign), 2012 first round pick. With Blake Griffin in the mix, that opens up S&T possibilities with Ryan Anderson who will be a coveted player around the league. I was thinking a possible sign and trade with Sacramento for Tyreke Evans, just a thought.

The only other possibility I can see is with the LA Lakers. They look like they are poised to make a move after another early playoff exit, and clashing egos in the locker room. This will be a little complicated because it will be a three team trade with Houston as well.

Lakers receive: C Dwight Howard .. PF Luis Scola .. SG Jason Richardson .. SF Quinten Richardson

Rockets receive: C Pau Gasol .. PF Glen Davis .. PG Chris Duhon

Magic receive: C Andrew Bynum .. SG Kevin Martin .. PG Kyle Lowry .. F Chandler Parsons .. Rockets first 1st round pick 2012 (14 overall)

Lakers get the future franchise cornerstone in Dwight Howard, while also getting 2 solid role playing starters in Luis Scola and Jason Richardson. The Rockets covet Pau Gasol, they get their man, and also a nice starting option at the 4 in Glen Davis. They can afford to lose Lowry as long as they re-sign Goran Dragic. They've also been wanting to get rid of Kevin Martin, so they accomplish that goal as well. You may think the Rockets are giving up too much, but Scola is a 32 year old with a big contract with 4 more years on it. So losing him and Martin benefit them. The Magic meanwhile, give up by far the best player in the trade, so they deserve the most compensation. Andrew Bynum, a solid good center who is only 24 years old. He will easily be the East All-Star center with Dwight headed West. Kevin Martin is an injury prone scorer who does not play a lick of defense, and makes close to 12 million a year. The plus is his contract will be up after the season. Kyle Lowry is a very underrated PG who plays solid Defense. Parsons is young but showed some good promise in his rookie season. Overall I think the trade works out for all three teams.

With this trade the new Magic starting lineup would look like this: C Andrew Bynum, PF Ryan Anderson, SF Hedo Turkoglu, SG Kevin Martin, PG Kyle Lowry .. with a very young but good bench behind them: SG JJ Redick, SF Chadler Parsons, F Earl Clark, F Justin Harper, G Deandre Liggins, also two first round draft picks (14 & 19) A solid young Center, and possibly a PG. Also it's not out of the question that Jameer will opt-in to the last year of his contract and wait a year to test free agency.

A Lot of Information, thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.

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