2012 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Furkan Aldemir

Soon the Orlando Magic will select a new GM, the newly hired GM should immediately have his focus on the 2012 NBA Draft. Evan Dunlap and Mike from Illinois have broken down several potential first round draft prospects for the Magic; I will attempt to cover several potential second round draft prospects for the Magic. This Fanpost covers another potential prospect: PF Furkan Aldemir

Furkan Aldemir is a international power forward, who plays for Galatasaray Medical Park. The Turkish bigman has been gaining a lot of attention from scouts looking to find a hidden gem in the 2nd round. During the 2010 U20 European Championship ,the 20 year old Turkish big man had a remarkable performance. He averaged 14.8 ppg, 15.9 rpg, and 1.3 apg while ranking #2 in Double-Doubles, #1 in total rebounds( also # 1 in minutes), and #3 in drawn fouls. According to, Furkan,standing at 6-9, has a terrible "back to the basket" repertoire while displaying average footwork and touch meaning chances of developing behind Howard/Davis is slim. Last year, he was regarded as one of the top international prospects entering the 2011 NBA Draft. Instead of entering the draft, he withdrew his name to sign a 4 year deal with Galatasary, a Turkish team. Meanwhile in the Euroleague, he averaged 6.8 rpg along with 8ppg while averaging about 20 minutes a game.

Why he makes sense for the Magic: With Ryan Anderson expected to get a big payday somewhere, it would make sense to get some insurance/depth behind the PF spot. He is a great pick-and-roll finisher. At the age of 20, he could always be stashed in Europe to develop for a couple of years, like Rubio, and enter the NBA right before his prime years.

Why he doesn't make sense for the Magic: Last year, Aldemir entered the 2011 NBA Draft yet withdraw in order to sign a 4 year contract for a team in the Turkish League. This situation brings us back to another big man who hasn't yet played for the Magic since drafted: Fran Vasquez. He relies heavily on his teammates in order to great good looks and cannot be relied on to be a 1 vs 1 type of player. Lack of jump-shot and is very raw offensively. Lacks strength to ideally be developed into a PF/C player.

Final Thoughts: He's an interesting prospect that might deserve a few looks for the Magic but he doesn't offer the short-term benefit a player that won't be in Europe for a year or more can offer for the Magic. His offensive game and his strength offer much to be desired for the Magic to draft him with a possiblity of R. Anderson being resigned and Davis as a PF/C.

Interesting Notes of the FanPost:

He appears to have a Twitter account, with 244 followers and 0 following, yet hasn't posted a single tweet.

Note: Compared to Omer Asik

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