If We Have 3 Picks...

I think everyone understands that if Dwight doesn’t want to stay we are in rebuild mode (at least that’s what I hope). Thankfully Dwight waived his ETO, which gave us considerable leverage back in terms of getting something more in return than a soft center with foot problems and some salary filler.

So this post is dedicated to how the Magic could obtain additional picks and who they would select. First, the picks:

Note: I didn’t throw Fran into the mix since it would complicate things and most stories I have read seem to think its just a way for Fran to negotiate a better salary at home. Supposedly his own team isn’t even buying it. So I assume he isn’t coming.

The obvious is the Houston Trade, which would net us the 14th and 16th picks, plus whichever player we could net Lowery, Parsons (hometown boy) and Martin…much better than the NJ option. In return Magic possibly give back Dwight Richardson and Duhon (for his value as sideline comic relief).

What our line up would look like:

Lowery / Nelson (?)

Kmart / JJ

Turk / Parsons

Ryno / Clark


What our major needs would be (no particular order - somewhat):

-Big man replacement

-Pg backup probably since Nelson isn’t ready to come off the bench

-SG backup (Kmart is expiring contract next year at $11M and is in decline)

-SF as Turk is winding down.

Who could we pickup (Evan has already done a great job thus far in keeping us coming back to OPP with Dailey draft pick discussions – thanks!)

Myers Leonard at 14 – he already can hit the ground running and is an outside shooing threat in P/R. Has good size for picks and stays home so as not to get cheap fouls like Orton frequently did last season (sorry - cheap shot). We could argue better a better pick so that’s what the comments are for below.

The cross roads at 16 – should we go for a the pg position this year or let the exciting Ish hold it down with his energy and blocking ability (remember his Lebronesq track down last season). I choose Ish which makes it hard to figure the next move. I think we should pick the next best available big man since we could use depth. I probably would snag Zeller / Moultrie / Henson / Jones / Nicholson / I would add Melo but he would be available at 19. Can only pick one so I am calling Henson but he probably wont be available to Jones it is.

Evan Fournier at 19 – Really like this kid and think he will be a good replacement for K mart when he develops.

Lineup with Picks:

-Lowery / Nelson-ish

-Kmart / JJ / Founier

-Turk / Parsons / Forunier

-Ryno / Clark / Jones

-BBD / Leonard / Jones

Ok so this post isn’t complete but I have to go and thought this a starter.

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