Mock Offseason: What the next GM should do

At the moment, the Orlando Magic are in a state of dysfucntion. No one knows who is going to be GM next, or who is coaching this team next season, or even if they will have a franchise player one year from now. If there is any time this franchise needs a roster overhaul, it is now. Their franchise player is unhappy with this team, and reportedly wants out. Yet, it seems like he wants to stay. If he wanted to leave, then why did he opt in? The rest of the roster are on contract for at least one more year, with the exception of Ryan Anderson (RFA). They have one more draft pick, which they have to nail. And they have so many weaknesses, starting with the lack of available play makers and perimeter defenders.

Here are the moves the next GM must make:

The trade assets: JJ reddick( no guaranteed) deal, Chris Duhon (expiring contract), Hedo Turkoglu (expiring contract), 1st round pick 2012, 2013 1st round pick

1. Get a solid traditional PG

Trade: JJ reddick , Quentin Richardson For Jose Calderon

Why Orlando Does it: They Get a solid playmaker who can replace Jameer Nelson at starting PG. He averaged 8.8 assits with the Toronto Raptors last season and is a very good 3 pt shooter. Jameer Nelson can go back to a 6th man role, and will likely thrive in that role like Mo Williams and Jason Terry.

Why Toronto Does it:

Toronto Gets a solid reliable 3 pt shooter and another wing player. If they want to save money, they can simply cut JJ reddick and save $7,000,000 in cap. Toronto can just draft a potentially better PG than Calderon, and they get something in return for Calderon, who wants to get out of there. Also rumor has it that Toronto is shopping their 8th overall pick for kyle lowry, and if that happens, they need to part ways with Calderon immediately.

2. Draft the most reliable player

In this case make the safest pick. They need a guy who can fit well with Dwight, who can contribute immediately as well. Andrew Nicholson would be the best pick for the Magic because he can shoot the ball and block shots. He can take some of the defensive pressure off Dwight and be a reliable perimeter shooter and has had 4 years of college experience, which makes him safer than most picks.

3. Trade Up in the second round to the 30's. Then draft a high upside player.

Trade our second round pick to the blazers or some team for cash. Then draft the highest upside player. A good player to consider would be Drew Gordon, or Dreymond Green.

4. Sign a solid wing defender/ shooter (fitting in the Pietrus/Lee type player)

Danny Green to 3 years, $15 mil. He will immediately replace Jason Richardson in the starting lineup and a very solid season with the spurs. He is a good defender, shooter, and ball handler and could run the offense at times with the Spurs. He is only 25 so he still has potential to grow a bit, which makes him an even better pick.

5. Make a Qualifying offer to Ryan Anderson. If he gets an offer more than 7 mil, don't attempt to match.

Assuming he does by the Kings, or some other team that needs a stretch power forward. Since he is an RFA, they cannot do a sign and trade, so just let him go. Sign Mehmet Okur for 2 year, 4 million with a team option second year. Or Charlie Villinueva (if he is amnesty...which leads me to...)

6. Trade Hedo Turkoglu

He has a contract in which he is owed just under 12 million next season, then is non-guaranteed. That makes him an expiring contract.

Trade Hedo Turkoglu for Jason Smith and Trevor Ariza and a 2nd round pick.

Why Hornets do this:

If Anthony Davis and whoever else they pick begin to contribute immediately, then they would want to get some space in 2013 to sign some quality players to surround Davis and the other rookie and possibly Eric Gordon. Hornets spend 2 million dollars next year to save 9 million dollars in 2013. Thats 7 mil in savings.

Why Magic Do this:

Trevor Ariza is a very good perimeter defender who can make jumpshots at times. Jason Smith is a high energy player who would probably try to be bought out up front.

7. Try to pick up some waivers on wing players from the amnesty targets

If Mavs get Deron williams, then I am sure Shawn Marion would be amnestyed. Try to pick him up or if John Salmons is amnestyed by the Kings. It would be nothing more than the cheapest way of getting good talent that was overpayed.

8. (If we cant pick up any waivers in the amnesty market) Sign Grant Hill or Tracy Mcgrady

Grant hill is a solid defender who can handle the ball at times and will be cheap. TMAC is a good ball handler who can, to some extent, do what Hedo could two years ago.


PG- Jose Calderon- Jameer Nelson- Chris Duhon

SG- Danny Green- Jason Richardson

SF- Trevor Ariza- Shawn MarIon (or Grant Hill, or TMAC)

PF- Andrew Nicholson (or Charlie V, Ryan Anderson), Glen Davis

C- Dwight Howard- Glen Davis- (Mehmet Okur)

Thats a team that has solid passing, perimeter defense, shooting, athletisicm and everything. WIth Jameer, J rich, and Glen Davis. Calderon and Howard will make a good pick and roll combo, combined with the wing athleticism and defense makes this team very deep too. Throw in a solid veteran (Marion, Hill, Tmac) and this team can be contenders immediately.

Worst Case Scenario- Dwight isn't happy still. He wants to leave and he continues to demand a trade. In that case package him and Jason Richardson in a three way deal for Andrew Bynum and some expiring contracts. Pau Gasol goes to the team that sent the expiring contracts. Then let Calderon, Nelson, Duhon and who everelse they pick up on waivers or sign to 1 year deals walk. Then start to retool around the young front court combo of Bynum and Nicholson by going after free agents like James Harden, Chris Paul, Stephen Curry.

This FanPost was made by a member of the Orlando Pinstriped Post community, and is to be treated as the opinions and views of its author, not that of the blogger or blog community as a whole.

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