General Management

Currently: Dave Twardzik, the team’s Assistant General Manager, is Orlando’s "point of contact for other teams and agents" for the time being.

Our list for GM:

Our list for coaches:


On Walsh:

Word has it that Walsh, while a fan favorite, may not want the job in Orlando. For Magic fans that may be a blessing. Walsh turns 72 in March and is not exactly in the best of health. If Walsh were to take the job it would be a short term situation at best. Sources dialed into this process say Walsh is waiting for the Pacers to make their decision on where they go with Larry Bird. A return to the Pacers if Bird does opt to retire could be in the works, which seems to be Walsh’s first choice.

Most of Walsh’s family still lives in Indiana and a return to the Pacers is said to be the primary option.

Of all of the candidates on the market Walsh is clearly the most proven, especially in re-tooling and re-building, however at his age, Walsh would be more of a figure head than a hands on worker, so a Walsh hire would have to be part of a bigger staff assembly which could open the door for a return of long-time Magic GM John Gabriel, who worked for Walsh with the Knicks as Director of Pro Personnel.

On Morway:

Morway has been linked to a number of open situations including the Magic. Morway’s first choice, according to sources close to the situation, is to remain with the Pacers and continue what he has started. However, with Larry Bird’s future unclear and Morway’s contract expiring in July. He is taking interviews.

Morway has been running the day to day of the Pacers for several years now and has negotiated most of the trades and contract signings the Pacers have made over the last few years. Sources say Morway is intrigued by the Magic job and that keeping Dwight Howard in Orlando would be his first goal. That in and of itself should be music to the Magic’s ears. The problem is Morway is likely not leaving Indiana, so it may all be moot.

On Pritchard

Pritchard seems to be the fan favorite of the bunch, and word is he is more than interested in the Magic job.

On Bower:

The Magic could do a lot worse than Jeff Bower. He is a smart basketball guy with a good eye for talent.

Other geniuses that might not be GM-capable but are still prospects in the organization:

Tom Penn, current ESPN analyst and former Portland Trail Blazers Assistant GM. High caliber cap guru.

Tony Ronzone, former Minnesota Timberwolves Assistant GM. He has a long standing relationship with Dwight Howard.

David Griffin, current Cavaliers’ Vice President of Basketball Operations. Griffin was a key reason the Suns drafted Amar’e Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, acquired Steve Nash and countless others. If the Magic want a real shot at Steve Nash in free agency, hiring Griffin would be a good start.

Important Notes:

Adonal Foyle is in grooming stage. The Magic are interested in a GM that will train him. Draft lottery is Wednesday, May 30th, 2012. (Top 3 decided out of the worst 14 teams.) Draft is Thursday, June 28, 2012. We have the 19th and 49th pick.

Jameer Nelson will have to declare by June 15 whether to opt out of the last year of his contract ($7.8 million). The Magic must decide by early July whether to keep J.J. Redick or waive him. Redick's next season ($6 million) is not guaranteed. If the Magic match the offer for the restricted free agent Ryan Anderson, Anderson has a one-year no trade clause. DeAndre Liggins (our 24-year-old 2011 53rd pick from Kentucky) is a free agent.

Waiving Von Wafer has saved the Orlando Magic $1 million for the 2012-13 and $1 million for the 2013-14 season.

The latest speculators have Fran Vazquez following his friend Ricky Rubio's footsteps. Vazquez's contract ends June 30. Vazquez's offer in Barcelona for 2012-13: 1.2 million Euros = 1.51 million U.S. dollars. Taxes in welfare Spain are much worse than Florida.

Vazquez: "Well [Minnosota's] too cold but people have asked me if there is a difference between Minnesota and Orlando and I have said that I prefer Orlando because it is warmer."

Summarized with only substance: This final season with Barcelona has been one of Vazquez’ most difficult seasons; one in which he played the least amount of minutes since his arrival to the club. It is reported that the Galician center has been offered a new contract. Last July, due to the NBA lockout, he signed a one year contract worth 1.9 Million Euros. The new offer is reported to be lower at around 1.2 Million Euros. The length of the offer is unknown but is believed to be 1 year plus 1 year optional. There are three options for Vazquez. One would be to join the Orlando Magic for $1.5 Million US. The others would be to return to Spain and rejoin Barcelona, or play again for Unicaja, or less possible but he might even risk playing for Bilbao in order to play in the Euro-league. Barcelona limited by its options at Center because of the rules limiting the amount of foreign players and the available Spanish centers. Nevertheless, the feeling inside the front office of Barcelona is pretty relaxed with respects to the contract renewal of the Galician center. His desire to join the NBA has come to screeching halt, as he has just become a father and his family is very happily settled in Barcelona.

• Rookie Scale Contract: In 2011-2012 for an 11th pick the first year salary could be as high as $2.1 million (120% of $1.77 million)

Rookie Exception: Teams may sign their first round draft picks to rookie "scale" contracts even if they will be over the cap as a result.

• Mid-Level Exception: First year salary can be as high as $5 million

Larry Coon: Orlando still has the draft rights to Vasquez, and could sign him to a rookie scale contract (using the 2012 scale salary for the 11th pick) or they could sign him to a 3+ year deal using any room they have (including using their Mid-Level exception).

Dwight Howard: He had his back surgery on April 20. It has been 1 month and 8 days.

Free Agency: Steve Nash, George Hill, Courtney Lee, Goran Dragic, Tracy McGrady, Danny Green....

Stan Van Gundy is rumored to take a year off.

Which sports journalists should you listen to?

Ken Berger of and Adrian Wojnarowski of NBC Sports. Josh Robbins of Orlando Sentinel.

Add these sensationalist liars to your not-read list.

  1. Mike Bianchi of Orlando Sentinel
  2. Chris Bernucca of
  3. Chris Sheridan of

Sheridan is all about pro-New York writing. And so the bogus continues. Of course, Dan Fegan (Dwight Howard’s agent) is also one of the root causes because he only gets money with a new contract.

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