A scenario of a decent future starts with...

Stephen Curry.

The question of whether he leads us to a championship or is the beginning piece of a domino chain which brings us a championship is unknown yet welcomed.

Generally, Orlando Magic fans have about 3 broad perspectives in how to deal with Howard being a FA this summer.

A) Let Howard walk so that our team begins to lose games in which we will be able to draft our next franchise player while getting rid of any possible bloated contracts to complete the rebuilding and seriously compete for a couple of rings.

B) Go all in for a Ellis, Nash, or someone that is near a All-Star level which would convince Howard to resign with the Magic for a couple of more years to compete for a ring now.

C) Blow up our team and try and trade as many bloated contracts as possible with Turk being shipped wherever Howard goes before the trade deadline while getting young raw talent which would allow us to both lose and have potential stars or trade bait.

Enter Stephen Curry.

Before mentioning how he could fix Orlando's fault, it is important to mention Stephen Curry's salary or skill level does not meet Howard's salary/skill in any way. There could be a variety of ways to trade him yet I won't discuss it in full detail as it's time wasting and many people better at ESPN trade generator can put a trade where we land up with Curry.

How does Curry satisfy most of the fanbase's opinion on how to win a championship?

Stephen Curry has been averaging less minutes per year mainly due to limiting playing time due to injuries yet manages to still play 30+ minutes. When healthy, he has shown improvements in shooting the ball as his TS% has increased yearly with a small jump from last year to this year. He shoots the ball pretty well averaging 44% from beyond the arc and his eFG% has been increasing yearly as is his ability to create for others with AST% being near 34% this year. The best way to compare him is up against one of the best overall PG in the game, Chris Paul.The key things that should be noted is although Curry seems as the best shooter and rebounder of the two; Paul can create for his teammates while turning over the ball less frequently and is obviously the better offensive player than Curry while being close if not superior to Curry in defensive skill.

Some stats for comparison :

TS% : Curry 60% Paul 59%

eFG%: 58% Paul 54%

TRB%: Curry 6.6% Paul 5.6%

AST%: Curry 34% Paul 42%

TOV%: Curry 17% Paul 12%

ORtg: Curry 113 Paul 124

DRtg: Curry 107 Paul 105

Now back to the subject of how Orlando Magic can get Dell Curry's son here in blue and white.

A trade such as : ORL gets Kaman, Thompson, and Curry etc.

GSW gets Howard and Turk etc.

NOH gets Kwame Brown (6.3 mil expiring C), a 2nd rounder etc.

This trade was not fully tested and the "etc." resemble drafts picks/players to equal things up

Anyways,the trade makes somewhat sense for all. GSW gains a superstar (and/with draft picks) who in the case he leaves send the GSW closer to the desired lottery picks giving them a better shot at drafting a franchise player.NOH gets a expiring and the draft choices/ young player they wanted for Kaman ( Rumors has it that they would accept a 2nd'er for Kaman nowadays).

The Magic trading Howard for Curry as the main pieces originally seems lopsided but works for the Magic long-term. Referring back to the main point of the article which is why Curry can help our franchise long-term.

  • Curry is young and could become one of the best point guards in the league if he manages to stay healthy.
  • Curry is on a reasonable contract and if his injuries stop him from being our franchise player or the risk in keeping him is too great we could trade him or simply not resign him after his contract is over.
  • Getting Curry and/in addditon to young Klay plus other players will mean better draft position because whether Curry is healthy or not will not increase our draft position to (Klay who could become a superstar is unproven) the point where we are a mediocre team.
  • The Magic should be able to dump Turk's contract while gaining a expiring contract in C Kaman.
  • We could always resign Kaman as a temporary fix if Vasquez/Orton does not work out or gets traded.
  • The loss of Dwight whether it was a good trade or not probably means Otis Smith has overdue his stay and now must check out his time here in Orlando.
  • If the law of averages truly exist, we could be able to not only fire Otis Smith, trade Duhon for a bag of sour skittles , be the first team to play in space, get rid of Turk's contract and convince Howard to return to win 3-4 rings.

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