A trade proposal of course

Just fooling around with the ESPN Trade machine, which I know we're all fans of on this site. I put this three team trade together trying to give each of the three teams equal value for what their departing with. Obviously my opinion of our players is probably exaggerated, but look it over and see what you think.

Teams involved? Phoenix, Orlando, GSW.

Orlando Receives:

PG- Steve Nash

F- Channing Frye

Why? Its an obvious all-in to keep Dwight. Win a championship with Nash, keep Dwight. (Not a guarantee by any means, but it's a better shot than where we are now.)

We take back Channing Frye and his bad contract-- but it's equal to JRich's 4 year deal. So even if Nash doesn't stay, at least we shed some salary by clearing Jameer off the books.

We also manage to keep Ryno.

Starting 5 of Nash/Redick/Turkoglu/Anderson/Howard.

2nd Unit: Duhon/Liggins/QRich/Frye/Davis.

I'm a big fan of what I'm seeing out of Liggins so far, so I may even sneak him into the starting lineup to keep JJ coming off the bench. We;d have Liggs for D, JJ for a spark of Offense on that shakier second unit.

Phoenix Receives:

G- Monta Ellis

PG- Jameer Nelson

F- Justin Harper

One 1st Rd Picks from ORL

One 2nd Rd Pick from ORL

One 1st Rd Pick from GSW

They receive a player capable of selling tickets in Ellis, as well as an All-Star PG who has been seeing the court tremendously since returning from his concussion. They receive the prospect Harper, who has potential, but does seem a little lost in our system.

The picks are thrown in towards the rebuilding effort.

My only concern is to whether or not Phoenix will actually part ways with Gortat, who is beasting for them. My logic to them letting him go is that they aren't going anywhere with him now, and by losing Nash, it's not going to get better fast enough. Ellis is more likely to sell tickets than Gortat IMO.

GSW Receives:

C- Marcin Gortat

SG- Jason Richardson

Golden State gets the big man they've desired in Gortat, who Phoenix won't need without Nash.

They also get JRich, who they are familiar with, to replace Ellis. This should be more than enough for them to part ways with Ellis, as they are already fielding calls from all over the league about his availability. Gortat is about the best big man they can get in return for Ellis.

While it would be incredible for the Magic to get both Nash and Ellis, it's obvious that will NEVER happen. This to me is a very reasonable way to get Ellis and Nash involved in trades, bringing a second superstar to Orlando. Will we win a championship with this lineup? Who knows. The real question is, can we afford to be naive enough in thinking that the current roster IS capable of winning it all?

Here's a link to the trade:

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