Trade that could work...not just for magic

I understand everyone is wanting to make up their own trade scenarios at this time of year, especially with all the speculation revolving around the Magic. Here is my take on a 3 team deal that I feel can benefit all teams.

Golden State: Gets: Chris Kaman, Jameer Nelson, Earl Clark, Deandre Liggins, Daniel Orton

New Orleans: Gets: Kwame Brown, Ryan Anderson, JJ Redick, Ekpe Udoh, Von Wafer

Orlando Gets: Trevor Ariza, Monta Ellis, Jarret Jack, Jason Smith

The numbers work. Golden State picks up their center and PG in Kaman and Nelson, allowing Curry to move to his more natural position at the 2. Also picking up some young talent in Clark, Liggins, and Orton. New Orleans picks up an expiring contract in Kwame Brown, Ryan Anderson who can be a nice building piece for the future, along with Redick, Udoh, and Wafer. The Magic take Ariza's contract off the Hornets, while also adding a nice defender, Monta Ellis and Jack would be the new starting backcourt, with Jason Smith being able to backup the PF/C positions.

Golden State fills some needs, and adds young talent. New Orleans sheds some salary while also getting some very nice young players. And Orlando adds a few players in their prime that can really help them make a playoff push with their defense and scoring abilities. Before you write on here that this will never happen, take a look at each team and where they are at. Maybe Golden State doesn't want to take on Jameer's contract, but its only one more year, hes a solid PG and they'd be getting their desired big man with an injection of young talent. The hornets are awful, Jack is 28, Ariza is 27, while they are not expensive players, they wouldn't mind shedding their salaries for an expiring contract (Brown), a couple of 23 year old big men (Anderson, Udoh), Redick who is a nice young role player, and Wafer who can help off the bench and is still young. Orlando trades away all of its valuable assets (Anderson, Redick, Liggins, Clark, Nelson) but they receive nice compensation in return. Ellis is a prolific scorer that close games with pick and rolls with Howard. Jack is a solid PG, who is 6'3 and plays solid D. Ariza is an upgrade over Turkoglu simply because he is a very good defender. Jason Smith could prove to be a valuable backup.

There's my take. I see this trade being as close to fair for all teams involved as it can be. All teams have a reason not to do the trade, but all the teams have a bigger reason to pull the trigger on this deal.

What do you think?

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