Lets make the Suns our new BFF, GS hasnt worked out too well! The key to keeping Dwight.

Hello fellow Magic fans,

Today I bring to you the answer to all our troubles. A trade scenario that would work best not only for us but for everyone else involved. Now let me preface this with the fact that there is 0% chance of this happening as no one makes trades of this magnitude, but I still believe it would be best for everyone. Also, I think I am horribly addicted to the NBA trade machine! Whenever I'm bored i go on there and not only play with our roster but pretty much every teams roster. If I cannot make a 30 team 300 player simultaneous trade then whats the point?! I try to take into account the needs and desires of all teams as best I can, which is why I try to read the blogs of the teams I try to use before putting them into my trade scenario. On to the insanity!

The premise of this trade is to try and convince Dwight Howard to stay, and I firmly believe the only way this can go down is if all things go right and we clear a ton of cap space while still getting talent. This will take place in two separate 4 team trades.

First trade: Orlando, Phoenix, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Orlando: They send Hedo Turkoglu/Glen Davis to Atlanta and Jason Richardson/Chris Duhon to Chicago. They receive Josh Smith from Atlanta and Grant Hill from Phoenix.

Phoenix: They send Grant Hill to Orlando. They receive Ronnie Brewer and C.J. Watson from Chicago.

Chicago: They send Ronnie Brewer/C.J. Watson to Phoenix and Kyle Korver to Atlanta. They receive Jason Richardson/Chirs Duhon from Orlando and Marvin Williams from Atlanta.

Atlanta: They send Josh Smith to Orlando and Marvin Williams to Chicago. They receive Hedo Turkoglu/Glen Davis from Orlando and Kyle Korver from Chicago.

In addition to this Orlando sends their 2012 2nd round pick to Chicago and their 2014 1st round pick to Atlanta. Chicago sends their 2014 1st round pick to Atlanta as well.

Second Trade: Orlando, Phoenix, Lakers, Rockets.

Orlando: They send Jameer Nelson to the Lakers for their TPE and Quentin Richardson to the Lakers, Daniel Orton to Phoenix, and Von Wafer to the Rockets. They receive Steve Nash/Robin Lopez from Phoenix, Courtney Lee (via our TPE) and Goran Dragic from the Rockets, and Matt Barnes from the Lakers via our TPE.

Phoenix: They send Steve Nash/Robin Lopez to Orlando, Josh Childress/Channing Frye to the Lakers, and Marcin Gortat/Jared Dudly/Hakeem Warrick/Ronnie Price to the Rockets. They receive Kevin Martin/Samuel Dalembert/Hasheem Thabeet/Marcus Morris/Chase Budinger from the Rockets, Daniel Orton from Orlando, and Luke Walton/Steve Blake from the Lakers.

Lakers: They send Matt Barnes to Orlando, Luke Walton/Steve Blake to Phoenix, and Pau Gasol to the Rockets. They receive Jameer Nelson(via their TPE) and Quentin Richardson from Orlando, Luis Scola from the Rockets, and Josh Childress/Channing Frye from Phoenix.

Rockets: They send Courtney Lee/Goran Dragic to Orlando, Kevin Martin/Samuel Dalembert/Hasheem Thabeet/Marcus Morris/Chase Budinger to Phoenix, and Luis Scola to the Lakers. They receive Pau Gasol from the Lakers, Von Wafer from Orlando, and Marcin Gortat/Jared Dudley/Hakeem Warrick/Ronnie Price from Phoenix.

In addition to this Orlando sends their 2012 1st round pick to Phoenix. Lakers send their 2012 1st round pick to Phoenix. Rockets send their 2012 1st round pick via the Knicks to Phoenix.

Orlando Magic Roster: PG - Steve Nash/Goran Dragic/Ish Smith. SG - JJ Redick/Courtney Lee/D'Andre Liggins. SF- Josh Smith or Ryan Anderson/Grant Hill/Matt Barnes. PF - Josh Smith or Ryan Anderson/Earl Clark/Justin Harper. C - Dwight Howard/Robin Lopez.

Now I'm sure at this point your all thinking... Huh what??? This is quite a lot of player movement but let me explain.

Why Orlando does this: We are able to get rid of all our bad contracts for a ton of high talent expiring deals and one of Dwight's best friends in Josh Smith. This gives us a ton of cap space to play with during free agency to either go after Deron Williams or retain Nash or go in another direction entirely. Sure we have to give up 2 1st rounds picks and a 2nd round pick but they would be pretty low anyway so its worth it. We can try very hard to win it all this year while offering Dwight the premise of becoming much much better in the off season as well. Not sure if I have to sell this idea to you guys any more than this do I?

Why Phoenix does this: Now this is where things get dicey as they are my primary trade partner in both of the deals. At first glance they are giving up a ton of talent for not that much in return, but lets explore. The only players of remote value they currently have are Steve Nash, Marcin Gortat, Grant Hill, Jared Dudley, and Channing Frye(kind of). Two of these guys being old and rentals, and 2 being marginal on long term deals. Phoenix is a team that isnt really going anywhere right now and need to think about blowing it up. In this deal they get 4 extra 1st round picks in 2012 albeit picks within the range of 20-30. They also get Marcus Morris, Houston's 1st round pick last year, Kevin Martin a good veteran on an expiring deal, and Chase Budinger, Ronnie Brewer, and C.J. Watson as good young players all on expiring deals next year. But this isnt all they get, they get to maintain the nearly 25 million dollars in cap space for this off season, as well as turn all their bad contracts into expiring deals for next season giving them nearly 30 million in cap space for the 2013 off season. The only player outside of the players on rookie deals that would be on the books for 2014 is Steve Blake, which they could trade during the 2013 off season as he would be a decent expiring deal. This vastly jump starts their rebuild and allows them to blow it up in the best way i could find. This is all we could offer them as they really dont want anyone off our roster and this prevents us from having to take on their bad deals.

A suggestion for their 2012 free agency period: During the stare down between the Magic and Nets during the off season Phoenix could try to swoop in and steal Brook Lopez from them to replace the loss of Marcin Gortat. Much in the same way I am suggesting they try to steal Brook Lopez, I have read they would like to try to steal Eric Gordon from New Orleans as well. I say instead of doing that as it has no chance of happening, why not be kind to them and try to do a sign and trade. Give up Kevin Martin and Luke Walton(two expiring deals) and a couple of those late round draft picks you just got in exchange for Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza. If willing they could also try and bring back Steve Nash as he really should retire a Phoenix Sun (hopefully he will have gotten his ring with us this year =D ). This could give you a starting 5 of Nash/Gordon/Ariza/Markieff Morris/Brook Lopez plus a bench of C.J. Watson/Ronnie Brewer/Chase Budinger/Marcus Morris and 3 first round picks. Not bad id say if you guys could pull it off, which is not AS far fetched as it sounds. Sell Nash on this plan and I think he would be willing to chase a ring for a few months and then return to a vastly improved squad, not to mention if they can convince Nash to return this just increases the value of this trade for them by a ton. Get so much value for losing Nash for 3 months in a season where you are going no where? Sign me up! Not to mention being worse this year increases the value for their own pick as well. Again sign me up! We could only dream of rebuilding in such a fashion should Dwight choose to leave us.

Why Chicago does this: Well in my attempt to figure out what to give up i realized the only team interested in Jason Richardson is the Chicago Bulls. We dont really want him, Phoenix would not want him, so where to ship him so we do not need to lose Redick? Well the bulls have been searching for a good starting SG for 2 years, each time Orlando screwing them over. They tried to get Redick 2 years ago but we matched, resulting in them signing Kyle Korver. This past off season they sought Richardson, but he came back to us, resulting in them signing Richard Hamilton. This allows them to finally get the upgrade at the SG spot they so desperately covet only needing to give up Brewer and a REALLY late 1st round pick in 2012. Sure C.J. Watson to Chris (Poohon) Duhon is a downgrade but worth it for the upgrade they get in their starting SG spot. Last, Marvin Williams is a solid upgrade over to their bench over Kyle Korver as he can hit 3's and play good defense. All they have to give up for him is Kyle Korver and what is certain to be another REALLY late 1st round pick in 2014. To make up for the draft picks lost they get our 2nd round pick this year.

Why Atlanta does this: Ok this is one of the more "not great" parts of the trade. They are giving up a lot and not getting as much in return I will admit. However, they are in a precarious position right now. There is very little chance that they will be able to resign Josh Smith in a couple years, and its looking about time for them to move on from Marvin Williams. So they are losing a SF and PF and need to get starters back. At this point Hedo is still a better player than Williams but costs 4 million more. Glen Davis is a huge downgrade from Josh Smith but he is a young PF who wants to start and is locked up for 4 years. His value should not be nearly as low as Magic fans make it, as he was a solid player in Boston and his struggles here can be explained to a new system and family issues. Good enough to take a flyer on if your Atlanta. They also get a good back up player in Kyle Korver which they need as they have practically no bench outside of old vets on 1 year minimums. To make up for the downgrades they get Orlando's and Chicago's 1st round picks in 2014. I understand if this one does not seem to plausible, but a guy can dream no?

Why the Lakers do this: At first glance this may not look so great, but the Lakers are desperate and need a good starting PG (Nelson for them is a huge upgrade even if he is an average starting PG). They also have one of the worst if not the worst benches in the NBA. You cannot just get a bunch of good players without giving something up. They cannot trade Kobe and cannot trade Bynum for anyone other than Dwight. So this leaves them with Pau Gasol and a bunch of garbage over payed players or simply terrible players. So yes they must give up Pau, and the team most interested in him was Houston. In return though they do get their starting PG, a decent replacement in Luis Scola and Channing Frye as a good replacement for the departed Lamar Odom. Childress and Richardson are an even swap for Walton and Barnes. The other thing this gives them is a TON more 3 point shooting which is their other major weakness. It may not be ideal for them but they do not have a ton of options. Their 1st round pick isnt going to be of much value to them what with an aging Kobe. The best part though is they are able to do this without having to take on any additional salary which at first does not make sense because they are the lakers right? They dont care about money, but I'm starting to read Jim Bus actually is being mindful of their team salary? so this is a bonus.

Why the Rockets do this: Let me begin by saying this is a team that just does not make any sense to me. They have a bunch of solid veteran players as their starters, and then they have stockpiled a TON of young players to round out their bench. Are they trying to give these guys more playing time? Are they trying to rebuild or are they trying to contend now? I am taking the approach that they would rather contend now based on what they tried to do in the botched CP3 deal. At that time they wanted to get Pau Gasol for his talent and they wanted to use their cap space to get Nene. So the only way I figure they do this is if they can get a good center to go along with Pau. Marcin Gortat most certainly is just that. Since they get Gortat and a decent replacement for Kevin Martin in Dudley they would obviously need to give up more than what we saw in the CP3 deal. From what I have seen and read, Courtney Lee and Chase Budinger have been losing playing time recently and since Lee is an expiring deal it would be best to get rid of them. In return for Lee they get Von Wafer as a decent replacement who is locked up for a few years on a low salary. I doubt they would retain Goran Dragic either who is also on an expiring deal. Lastly, i do not know where Marcus Morris fits into their current plans. The Knick's pick is not looking like it will be that valuable either so its worth it for them to trade it considering they get so much in return. A starting line up of Lowrey/Dudley/Parsons/Gasol/Gortat is a pretty good starting five that could begin to challenge in the really deep western conference.

Well thats my idea folks, I know its long and I know its crazy... but hey it was fun for me to come up with it! Even if it has no chance of happening haha. I assure you it all works out but the trade machine cant handle so many players moving at once. I think this is a much better idea than anything that could happen with GS and their players... not to mention always taking their former players has not seemed to work out too well for us... maybe we ought to try another route? I'll be back later with some more crazy Dwight Howard trades! Enjoy and please be kind in your responses =p

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