Trade Deadline (Orlando Magic Edition)

As most Magic fans know the Trade Deadline is approaching quickly. With All-Star weekend over it's supposed to be time for Orlando to deal their franchise center Dwight Howard. However recent reports by multiple reporters point towards Orlando keeping Howard. I believe a report by Steve Kyler (Hoopsworld) even said Dwight may consider not opting out of his contract. So if that's the case how can Orlando improve?

Steve Nash : As reported by Jarrod Rudolph, Orlando is reportedly going to aggressively pursue Steve Nash before the deadline ends. As reported by Alex Kennedy Dwight Howard has specifically asked Orlando to pursue Steve Nash. As reported by Hoopsworld "League sources speculated that any deal involving Nash would have to send out at least two unfavorable Phoenix contracts – Hakim Warrick, Channing Frye and or Josh Childress come to mind." So here is a trade Orlando could possibly offer knowing this information.

Orlando trades: Jameer Nelson, J.J. Redick and Daniel Orton

Phoenix Trades : Steve Nash and Josh Childress

In a separate trade that Orlando agrees to in order for this deal to happen.

Orlando Trades: A future second round pick

Phoenix Trades: Hakim Warrick

Orlando makes this trade happen with the TPE (Traded Player Exception) created by the Brandon Bass for Glen Davis & Von Wafer deal.

This deal is a slam dunk for Orlando because you acquire the best player by far in the deal Steve Nash. It also doesn't hurt that Dwight has expressed his desire to play with a top level Point Guard. For Phoenix this makes sense because it starts the rebuilding process. Jameer Nelson is a solid starter to hold the Suns over until they draft a starting point guard. J.J. Redick in my opinion is a legitimate NBA starter and should continue improving. Daniel Orton is a throw in so Orlando doesn't have to cut a player after these trades are completed. The important part here for the Suns is that trading the awful contracts of Warrick and Childress allows them to amnesty Channing Frye and have near 30 million free dollars in 2013 FA. I also came up with an alternate version of this trade where Orlando also sends out Q and Orlando receives Robin Lopez. However it remains to be seen if the Suns would be willing to part with him.

Stephen Jackson: This trade is something I came up with. Stephen Jackson is growing increasingly and vocally unhappy in Milwaukee and is a locker room distraction who's not producing on the court at this point. Jackson also happens to be somebody that Dwight Howard has shown a desire to play with.

Orlando Trades: Hedo Turkoglu and a 2012 second round pick.

Milwaukee Trades: Stephen Jackson

This deal makes a lot of sense for Orlando. Anybody willing to take Hedo's contract without having Dwight Howard or Ryan Anderson included is a great deal for Orlando. Jackson's contract is a much smaller burden than Hedo's. Jackson provides more defense at the wing than any current Orlando perimeter rotation player. Most importantly for Orlando it pleases the big man which is the point. For Milwaukee this makes sense because it gets the distraction of Stephen Jackson out of Milwaukee. Milwaukee also needs somebody that can make 3's (Hedo is streaky) and be a primary ball handler to take pressure off of Brandon Jennings. That was supposed to be Jackson's role but as Milwaukee sees now that didn't go well since Jackson never wanted to be there. It remains to be seen whether or not Milwaukee is desperate enough to get rid of the locker room cancer Jackson is to take on Turkoglu's contract though.

Let's keep in mind most NBA rumors never come to fruition. That being said this March 15th will probably be the most important day in Orlando Magic history for quite awhile. I know i'll be glued to Twitter.

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