Playing around with some trade thoughts, wanted an Orlando Opinion

Hi Guys,

I know you guys probably hate any discussion involving a dwight howard trade, so i apologize in advance.

I was considering some trade thoughts off a current rumor (btw im a bulls fan) where supposedly rose asked the bulls organization to try to trade for pau gasol. Whether or not there is truth to this rumor is untrue, it was just something that got me thinking of possible scenerios of trades. I try to be an objective trade creator, which is hard to do mainly because i am a bulls fan first. At any rate i came up with a trade to which a Laker fan responded that he liked. I'm fairly certain the magic fanbase itself will not like this trade idea for obvious reasons, however i was wondering if regardless you think there was a chance the Magic organization would go ahead with this trade or if it was within the realm of possibiliity of happening or even eventually becoming fair. I ask you to be as objective in your reasonings as possible, and to go ahead and list and faults or possible corrections. I thank you in advance, the idea comes after the jump with a link to the blogabull page where i first posted the trade so you can read some of the comments regarding the entire subject.

Again thanks for your time (and a side thanks to mike from illinois who sometimes provides awesome statistical facts to blogabull, its pretty awesome and im glad he gets a ton of recognition on this blog)

the following is taken from my comment that i posted on blogabull with the link

Lakers do what lakers do, they pull off a huge blockbuster trade that shakes around several pieces but also means they walk away with the best player in the trade…dwight howard. They pick up boozer, another big name, in hopes that chicago fans were right that howard could cover boozers mistakes. Its certainly a win now kind of move, but boozers bound to get worse within two years… Lakers, in exchange for getting howard, also pick up some putrid contracts in both boozer and turkey glue. They get cj watson who is a pg that would work well in the kobe system. A poor mans mo williams like player….

Magic will be getting flak from the media about the trade, people will suggest all they did was get rid of a problematic situation, but they wont realize how the move helps in the long run. Magic get bynum, who may not be dwight howard, but has been playing like a top 5 center undoubtedly. Him matched with ryan anderson is a ton of offensive power, surrounded by other shooters. Magic also recieve asik, who defensively keeps the interior strong when bynum needs rest, has a small contract, and reminds them of gortat or something. They also recieve matt barnes, a nice expiring defensive wing. Van gundy might actually enjoy these new toys, but getting rid of turkey glues contract is probably their biggest gain. Obviously they probably get both a bulls and lakers future draft pick. ASSETS!!!

For the bulls, its a quiet move, but they end up getting pau gasol without really getting rid of the their beloved core. Fisher is a bulls type, professional defensive (theoretically) smart pg, who can fill in for that coach/player role when scalabrine is finally promoted to assistant the next year. Mike james will probably have to be signed (i predict this will happen) at any rate.

here is the link to the blogabull page with the original comment, i made it so it jumps straight to the comment so you can read the replies if you want.

thank you all for your time, i also apologize for the length of the post.

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