Trading Dwight is a option.

The Magic are currently 5-3 and placing 5th in the conference; there is two record which can give us a different perspective on our beloved team. The Orlando Magic are winless this year against teams that have playoff caliber talent with losses to the Thunder and the Bulls finishing 0-2 thus far. In 3 road games, We faced the Thunder, Bobcats, and the Pistons while managing to go 1-2. Obviously, Dwight is observing who we win against and not solely on our final record. The next few weeks will either assist or discourage Howard on resigning with the Magic next off-season. If we go out and compete with top teams then there will be more highlight quality dunks and blocks from our superman next season. Or...

We go out in flames leaving us with 2 challenging choices. One choice, which could be the worst, is gambling that Howard will want to stay regardless of how we play. The second choice, which is not fancy, is to trade him for up-and-coming "stars". With Dwight openly stating there are only a few teams he will certainty sign with it leaves a short list. Yet, one team are willing to take a risk and that is the Golden State Warriors. The list of teams Dwight wants is the Lakers, Mavericks, Nets, with exceptions being the Knicks and the Warriors.

The Lakers, which the media would rather want to have as trading partners, offers Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. Pau Gasol, the 31 year old, has always been consistent with his average PPG being around 18 solid points for his career. The best thing about this 7 foot beast is he is far from injury prone missing a grand total of 1% of games; He has missed 6 games out of 740 games. Andrew Bynum, the 24 year old, has had some issues in his short NBA career. Although, there is no doubt about his ability to score points and get rebounds he has 2 flaws. He has missed long stretches of games due to injury. He has also shown he needs to mature with unprofessional comments to Shaq such as "At least I can hit free-throws" or the disrepect to disabled people

The Mavericks have chosen the alternate route of obtaining top notch talent a la Heat and the way they got the "Big 3". This allows them to not only keep the current squad they have but the cap space to sign possibly both Deron Williams and Dwight Howard, who have expressed teaming up together, to win a ring.

The Nets, who are on the verge of losing Williams, know that getting Dwight puts them on the map immediately as contenders. Their best hope most likely ended with the loss of Brook Lopez, who suffered a severe injury to his foot, causing him to have surgery and will be out for approximately 8 weeks. Although, he will not play a game until February due to injury this is not something that usually happens to him. Over the last 2 years he has played in every single game with him only missing 7 games in his rookie year. His rebounds and turnover rate has decreased from the 09/10 season to the 10/11 season.

The last team that could make a move on Dwight is the Golden State Warriors. Usually, when a team drafts someone at the 7th pick overall and he has played well for the team it would not make much sense to trade him away. However, if trading Stephen Curry means snagging Dwight Howard for possibly long-term the Warriors are willing to make that move. There is no doubt Curry has talent in his blood being the child of Dell Curry, former NBA player. He is a centerpiece of the Warriors along with Ellis making a flashy duo in the back-court. It is clear about his ability of a point guard being promising. Yet, a reason why the Warriors may be more willing to trade their point guard is injury concerns. The difference which separates promising players to superstars is talent level and consistency. The talent is there but it is hard to be consistent when you are hurt unless you are Kobe Bryant. After having surgery the team has approached the situation with care such as new shoes which should give him more stability yet currently he is out with a injury to the same leg.

All of the trades as of now are lacking anything sustainable for the team both long-term and short-term. The thing is what exactly can we do to avoid being mediocre or completely garbage. Do our fans want young talent with some picks while getting rid of bad contracts/players, hope he comes back, or accepting nothing fully knowing he will leave allowing us into mediocre/ terrible years until the next superstar is the face of our franchise.

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