Fran Vazquez will likely play in the NBA next year.

This is an interview that "" made to Fran last year (during the lockout). I translated it myself from spanish to english, so hope it's understandable!

I take two things from this interview:

1) He is willing to come and play here next year.

2) He seems to be a cry baby. "Too tired to play for the national team" "If you play abroad it's hard because you miss your family", "I am afraid of going there and not playing" boo hoo!

Interview with Fran Vazquez: "The 'Lockout' has stopped me"

Fran Vazquez (2.09, 28) recently renewed by the Regal FC Barcelona with a contract for one year and shortly after announced he was resigning to play with the Spanish team in the Eurobasket tournament in Lithuania this summer.

What is your feeling after having re-signed for one season with Regal FC Barcelona?

I'm happy because I will continue on a team where I have won many titles over the years. For next season the challenge is to get another local trophy, another Euroleague championship and try to do my best, as I always do when I get to the court.

Why did you sign for one season and didn't accept the long-term contract offered by the club?

I did it in order to have the option of going to the NBA next season or doing anything else.

What has stopped you from leaving this year to the NBA? Was the lockout a factor?

Well, honestly, yes, going to the NBA was a bit risky. The possibility of not playing for many months did not help at all. I guess I've done well by staying at the club for an extra year and get the chance to keep playing.

You refused to play in the NBA several years ago because you had doubts about taking the leap, but the fact of having re-signed for one year so you can go there indicates that these doubts have disappeared. Is that the case? Are you already mentally prepared to play in the NBA?

Well, I'm ready to go there or elsewhere. There may come a time when my time runs out at this club and gotta need a breath of fresh air, you never know. I don't close the door to anything, but now I just focus on this club. Both sides have reached an agreement and I'm glad for that.

You are not going to the NBA this year, but Ricky Rubio, your former colleague, has already been introduced with his new team. Do you think he will do well there?

He has demonstrated that he is able to lead a big team like Barca. I think it will be hard for him, because you're away from your country, your family and friends, that happens to any player, but I think he will do well. I wish him all the best.

I would ask also for the national team. Your absence in the squad for the Eurobasket torunament was a surprise. How do you explain that?

There comes a time when the body gets tired and that's what has happened to me. I had a time without stopping and at the end of the season my body felt it. I needed to rest and stop playing a little basketball. There comes a time when you are saturated with basketball and that happens to me. I need rest.

. . .

In other words, there's nothing else, no tactical issues or relationships with other players ...

Nothing, nothing like that, nor is it true that I will need surgery. People like to talk nonsense. It's a physical issue.

Are you out from the National Team only for this year or is it final?

Well, next year is still a long time, so we'll see.


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