Quarter season mark: Where this team stands

In this shortened season, we are already at the quarter mark. At about the quarter mark last year, Otis made a complete roster overhaul and dramatically changed the roster. Who knows what he will do next?

The team is off to a good start, they were 12-4 last year compared to 11-5. I wanted to compare some numbers of key players and positions to see how the team is doing. Most stats are through 16 games from last year and this year (before the IND game).

Dwight Howard

Season FT% TRB AST

2010-11 0.538 191 20

2011-12 0.467 256 39

The best rebounder in the game(sorry KLove) has been dominating the boards. His total rebound rate is 24%, tops in the league and his career high. But he has doubled his total assists and his assist rate is at 12%; also a career high. If he can keep at least around 10%, it will make the team that much better. His FT% is his biggest flaw right now. Also, water is wet.

Hedo Turkoglu


2010-11 0.423 69 36

2011-12 0.478 46 64

Turk has just been doing his thing! The 3p% obviously will not stay this high but his 3FGA is about the same. What is standing out is his attempts at the rim: Turkoglu

Its at a 2.6 which is the highest its been in 3 seasons. Hopefully he can keep up around that level but I would prefer it to be at 3 or above. He has always been an outstanding paser, but he is the best passing wing player other than LeBron. He has almost doubled his total assists from last year. Another thing is his rebounds have gone WAY down. Same amount of minutes, although last year it was in PHX, and he has almost 20 less rebounds. This may coincide with Dwight's dominance on the boards, but he just has to get more boards. His career rebound rate is 8.5% and its at a 6.

Shooting Guard


Vince Carter 2010-11 30 45 0.667

Jason Richardson 2011-12 13 22 0.591

Most of the other stats are about even except for JRich's FG% which is at 43% compared to Vince's 49% last year. But Vince had double the FTA's in the same amount of games. I believe he will get better this season, but there are troubling signs with his athletism for the future (getting blocked by the rim, extremely difficult for him to stay in front of his man, just getting too old for NBA basketball).

JJ Redick


0.256 26 27 0.96 21 25 12 97 17

0.396 47 50 0.94 40 39 11 190 18.7

JJ has really been as efficient as you can get. Almost every stat has gone up, his usage rate has gone up slightly, yet he has 1 less turnover.

Jameer Nelson

Not much to add except that he has been shooting bad from all over the place. A big concern is his turnover % which is at 23%; worst of his career. The Nelson era might come to end soon.

Bass vs Anderson (as starter)

Player Season PER TS% eFG% TRB% TOV%

Ryan Anderson 2011-12 23.9 0.598 0.56 13.1 3.2

Brandon Bass 2010-11 15.9 0.571 0.515 12.5 11.5

Of course, the shooting stats will favor Anderson. But the TO% is something that really jumped out at me. No pass Bass indeed. But, these are Bass' numbers for the whole season though.

Chris Duhon

He is the anti-baller. Last season, he registered one of the worst seasons as a Magic player, a 5.6 PER. Only the immortal Greg Kite and a 34 year old Gerald Wilkins had worse seasons(playing at least 40 games).

He had 27 turnovers last year in 16 games and he has 17 this year. So there's that.

Glen Davis


Glen Davis 2010-11 0.482 42 19 16 8.5

Glen Davis 2011-12 0.365 32 11 6 14.5

Shooting worse, less active on defense, getting to the line less, more turnovers, and his usage rate has gone up. In other news, Otis has given Larry Hughes an extension. But seriously, I think Big Baby can help with other things on the court and I prefer him

as a backup center than Bass. I do think there were other options out there for a backup C, but for this season Davis can be a key part of this team.

No conclusions yet since there are a ton of games left. I do think this team needs to attack the paint a bit more.

They are currently 16th in the league at attempts at the rim. Dwight skews that stat a bit so if Otis decides to make a move, I would hope it would be for players that can get to the basket more. Thoughts?

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