Tell Me What You Think - Magic/Lakers/Blazers trade

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I'm going to be completely honest here.... I hate Andrew Bynum. He is a headcase who gets injured way too often. I also do not like Pau Gasol because he's just way too soft to take over the way Dwight does. That being said I am starting to accept the fact that Dwight may not be in Orlando and that those two guys are most likely going to be the best straight up offer.

But I think that adding another team into the trade talks would be better. We heard Gerald Wallace's name paired with Brook Lopez (I don't even have to bother explaining how little I want to see this guy in Orlando) and that really got me thinking. We need a trade where we do not take ourselves out of playoff contention (because we have an arena to pay off) while not forcing us to give up too much young talent. A group I have been watching is the back 3 of Portland. Camby, Aldridge and Wallace have been linked with moves to Orlando before and I think I'd rather have them then Gasol and Bynum.

Here is the trade.

Give Receive

Magic: Dwight Howard(C) LaMarcus Aldridge (PF)

Hedo Turkoglu(SF) Marcus Camby (C)

Daniel Orton(PF) Gerald Wallace (SF)

Quentin Richardson(SF)

Draft Picks

Lakers: Pau Gasol(PF) Dwight Howard (C)

Andrew Bynum(C) Hedo Turkoglu (SF)

Draft Picks Daniel Orton (PF)

Trail Blazers: Marcus Camby(C) Pau Gasol (PF)

Lamarcus Aldridge(PF) Andrew Bynum (C)

Gerald Wallace(SF) Quentin Richardson (SF)

Draft Picks

What Orlando's Roster would look like

PG Nelson/Duhon/Hughes

SG JRich/JJ/Wafer/Liggins

SF Wallace/Earl Clark

PF Aldridge/Anderson/Harper

C Camby/Davis

Why Orlando would do this:

We get high powered additions at the SF and PF which would help us match up better against Miami and Atlanta while not having to give up Anderson, JJ, Nelson, Davis, Clark Liggins, Harper or JRich. I think Liggins has a great future and Harper has an opportunity to be the next Rashard Lewis. Also we get away from Hedo's contract. It's not like the contracts we get in return are better but the players are and Camby's contract will be over at the end of this year which is $11 mil off the books which could be used to get a number of centers(not up to Howard's level but the rest of the team will be improved) for the list of centers . We lose draft picks but good teams hardly ever get good players in the draft because there just isn't enough talent, but we do not have to give up our best picks because the Lakers will be willing to shell out their top picks.

Why Orlando wont:

Dwight decides to stay or we do not want to risk not signing a good center and being stuck with Camby or worse. Also if they don't think that Wallace and Jameer (PO) will stay.

Why Lakers will:

They get Howard. He is the next torch carrier after Kobe and the best player "available." I am watching the Magic vs Lakers game now and it is clear that they need a roster transition to come with their change in system.

Why they wont:

It looks up their ability to change their roster without improving at PG. Bynum's contract ends this year and they may think that they could sign Dwight and a PG over the off season while keeping Pau (which is unlikely). They lose a top PF and gain a SF which they already have a log jam. They lose picks so they can't start building around a dominate center. I do not see a reason why these would stop them from getting the most dominate center in the game.

Why Portland does:

They get height and possibly cap space next year in an underrated free agent market. Camby cannot keep up with Ibaka or Nene. They get draft picks and they know that they need to rebuild. They are second to last in their division and it doesn't look like it'l get better with a Love/Rubio tandem starting to brew in Minnesota.

Why Portland won't:

They lose their franchise player and an exciting SF (which is huge in their division) for some very unexciting players. If they don't feel confident about keeping Bynum or improving in the free agent market that may stop them but i doubt they see that as an issue (Bynum>Camby) and Bynum opting out would get them an extra $3mil more than Camby leaving. It is going to be losing Aldridge that could destroy this deal. That is the only thing I can see destroying this deal. The trade will net the Trailblazers -$3mil in cap room but they cant really do much as is so that will not be a real issue.

So tell me what you think. Do you think it is possible and/or would it be something you'd like to do if Dwight's trade request stands?

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