Wafer: here are the facts.

So there's been some talk of Von Wafer lately. I've been hearing a lot of posts that make assumptions about who Von Wafer is or what he does, and I'm not sure the statistics bear all of it out. So I'm just going to look at what the numbers say about Wafer in this post. It's worth mentioning that the numbers are unreliable -- he's only gotten reliable NBA playing time in 2008-09 and 2010-11. (He got spot minutes in a couple earlier seasons -- with the Lakers, Denver, Portland, and 1 minute in a Clippers game. He was terrible in those early seasons, though, so if you're giving him the benefit of the doubt, it's probably best to ignore them.)

Anyway, as I said -- I'm going to lay this out with as little analysis or opinion as possible...

-- Wafer has 41.4% shooting, 31.8% three-point shooting and 53.0% true shooting over his career. All somewhat below league average. It is worth mentioning that he did average a respectable 44.7%/39.0%/54.1% during the one season he had the most playing time -- 2008-09 with Houston. But last year in Boston, he averaged 42% from the field and 27% beyond the arc.

-- Wafer has historically been a high-usage player, despite his generally inaccurate scoring. 12 MPG career with 4.6 FG attempts and 1.1 FT attempts. (Note: even though he attacks the rim a lot, he doesn't draw a lot of fouls.)

-- Wafer is not a very good assist creator, but he takes care of the ball. 12 MPG, 0.7 assists, 0.6 turnovers per game.

-- Wafer is not a factor as a rebounder -- not that you expect a SG to be.

-- Wafer's usage numbers declined drastically last year in Boston -- 2.7 FG attempts in 9.5 minutes a game. (0.6 assists, 0.3 turnovers, so it's not necessarily that he became more pass-first. He might have just gotten fewer touches.) Make of that what you will -- it might not be a change in Wafer's approach to the game. It might be that the Celtics saw his low-percentage shooting and funneled the ball away from him.

-- Wafer has a reputation as a below-average defender with a low basketball IQ. His steal numbers aren't impressive, for whatever that's worth.

-- Wafer also has a history of causing trouble with coaches and the like. Despite a pretty good 2008-09 season with Houston, he clashed with Rick Adelman, who at one point threw him out of a playoff game. He played 2009-10 in Greece, and also had issues with the management there. The Rockets were willing to re-sign him in winter '10, but he failed a physical. Reports suggest that Wafer settled down somewhat in Boston last season, though not before getting into a pre-season fistfight with Delonte West. (Admittedly, Delonte West is Delonte West.)

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