Why Dwight Howard wants to leave and what the Magic can do to keep him here in Orlando.

I can finally post a normal fanpost so I would first like to say I am sorry for the select few that thought that I being a Chicago Sports Fan will cloud my judgment of the Orlando Magic. It will not, I may specialize in the Chicago Bears but I also love Basketball and the Orlando Magic so all of that will not interfere with my articles of the Orlando Magic.

So for this article I would love to keep on the tracks of Dwight Howard. Howard for some reason entertains me the most; sorry I am just weird like that. So I would like to make this article to say why Dwight Howard wants to leave and also what the Magic can do to keep him here in Orlando.

I watched "The Heard" with Colin Cowherd earlier (I love ESPN, so what sue me (sarcasm)) and veteran sports columnist Mike Bianchi from the Orlando Sentinel was on talking about Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. Pretty much the gist of what he was saying is that the Orlando Magic can win as much as they want; Dwight Howard just wants to be on a big market franchise. Orlando cannot fulfill Howard's needs of wanting a big market city because if you decide to stroll down Church Street in downtown Orlando you will find yourself saying "Wow this is tiny"(Of course you have to of been in a bigger city to be able to say that). I have been to Chicago tons of times and have been in downtown Chicago again tons of times, Orlando compared to Chicago is like comparing Costco to a 7-11.

Overall Howard wants to be in a town that will give him more opportunities outside of the NBA. Howard is pretty much turning into Shaq, only thing that can be different is Dwight Howard has to be a better actor than Shaq and has to pick better movies to appear in. Overall Orlando cannot give Howard what he needs. Unless Howard wants to appear in Disney movies.

BUT despite that Dwight Howard truly does want to be in Orlando but he has to have a great reason to stay. There will only be one reason and that is another superstar being there with him. The best guy to acquire in a trade is Deron Williams, Williams has already expressed that he is willing to go to Orlando. A trade for Williams is not impossible. The Magic can bring together a package of Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, Chris Duhon, and a pack of Draft picks. If this trade happens Deron Williams can start at the PG and J.J. Redick can start at the SG. Von Wafer has been playing great within both the PG and SG positions and for another back-up the Magic can add Anthony Morrow in the Trade.

Another trade could be Andre Iguodala. Iguodala was a part of Dwight Howard's "wish list". The 76ers have Igoudala on the trading block right now and the Magic wouldn't have to give up as much for him like they would with the Williams trade. The Magic can trade Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Duhon, and the Magic's 2012 first round pick. But this trade will be more daring considering that Iguodala isn't exactly a total superstar which Howard wants.

Monta Ellis is another guy that is on Dwight Howard's "wish list". The Golden State Warriors originally wanted to rent out Dwight Howard by trading a select few of their players and possibly draft picks in hopes of acquiring Howard and talking him into signing a contract. But instead the Magic can acquire Ellis by trading Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, and the Magic's first round pick. Ellis would be a great acquisition and I personally think that Ellis would be great playing with one of the best Centers within the league.

I know I know you guys are getting sick of people posting about possible trades for Dwight Howard but I tried something a little different. But if you can think of another trade that doesn’t involve Dwight Howard write it in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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