Undiscussed Dwight trade dilemna

**caveat** I hope Dwight chooses to stay, but this post is addressing an aspect the various trade packages that may need rethinking

To date, all of the rumored/proposed trade packages in the press include the Magic "dumping" the "bad" contracts of Hedo and Duhon.

After 12 games, the question now is, if the Magic must trade Dwight, do we really want to get rid of Hedo (and to a lesser extent Duhon)?

The prevailing wisdom is that Hedo's and Duhon's salaries are albatrosses around the neck of the Magic. I don't think that is true anymore. Based on last year's performance, yes, but the performance this year I think suggest otherwise.

I think the Magic should think long and hard about "dumping' Hedo and Duhon's salary in any trade because I don't think they will find replacement players (who are attainable) offering similar value to the Magic (taking into account team unity). The better avenue might be to package Dwight and Jameer and/or J rich for more star power in return (or just Dwight). That package is more appealing to other teams and transfers roughly equal salary, hopefully resulting in more in return.

For Hedo, I think he provides solid return for the investment. As SVG likes to have run an offense where the PG is not necessarily the dominant assist/ball mover, having a point-forward on the floor is very valuable to the Magic. Hedo has been playing that role with aplomb, averaging better than 2:1 assist/to, and shooting very well . In fact, outside of rebounding, he is outperforming his '09 year and nearly matching his '08 year just with fewer shot attempts. I think Hedo offers a style of play and performance that the Magic won't find elsewhere for similar or lesser money.

I think the same holds true (to a lesser extent) for Duhon who is making 3.25 this year. While that's a lot, I'd argue that the Magic would be hard pressed to find a backup PG for equal or lesser money (who would be traded by the current team) who could provide similar return. As currently structured, the Magic rely less on their PG than most teams, mostly just a steadying pressence who can hold down the fort and provide some solid D. Right now, Duhon is hitting the shots when called upon (would actually like to see him shot a couple of times more per game), and is averaging a little better than 2:1 assist/to and playing with a steady, albiet unremakable, consistency.

Thus, I think the Magic shouldn't be so quick to dump the salaries of Hedo and Duhon in any trade of Dwight.

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