IF we must make trades now....

  Here are a couple trades we should look into if we are looking for immediate upgrades and wanting to make a run at the title this season. 

  TRADE # 1) Orlando receives: Josh Smith (11.7 million) , Marvin Williams(7.3 million)

                        Atlanta receives: Jameer Nelson (7.8 million) , J.J Redick (7.25 million) , Brandon Bass (4.0 million)

REASONING: OK. The secret is out that Atlanta and Josh Smith want to go their separate ways, rumor also is that Atlanta is looking to shed some salary because of the enormous amount Joe Johnson will be making. Marvin Williams hasn't really worked out the way Atlanta was hoping when they drafted him #2 overall (ahead of Chris Paul and Deron Williams) and he has 3 years left at close to 7-8 million a year range. Nelson, Bass, and Redick all solid role players, exactly what Atlanta needs. We know the majority of the touches will be going to  Al Horford and Joe Johnson from here on out, so they are looking for solid role players, who will rebound, make shots, and be efficient. Also all three players, Nelson, Bass, and Redick only have this year and next year left on their contracts, so the Hawks are not committing any more years to them, and also saving a year and 8 million on Williams' contract. 

  TRADE # 2) Orlando receives: Andre Iguodola (12.3 million) , Andres Nocioni (6.85 million)

                        Philadelphia receives: Hedo Turkoglu (10.2 million) , Ryan Anderson (1.5 million) , Gortat trade exception (6.3 million) (and possibly either Daniel Orton or Future 1st round pick)

REASONING: Philadelphia, just like Atlanta with Josh Smith, seems to have run its course. I know, I know, the rumors that Philadelphia "Is not" shopping Iguodola, but I mean come on, everyone around the league has known this guy has been on the block for the past year and half. I know they take on Hedo's contract, but they also rid themselves of a pretty bad one in Nocioni. I've said this before, Hedo can still play! He is just not built anymore to carry a team late in the shot clock or at the end of games, but he will contribute great floor vision, smart decision making and shooting ability. Ryan Anderson is a steal in this for Philadelphia, at a bargain, he's a very solid player with potential to get better. They save almost 7 million in cap room with the trade exception, which is something they are looking to do. And whether or not we throw in Orton, or a 1st round pick is not that big of issue for us.

New 2011-2012 Orlando Magic Depth Chart

PG) Gilbert Arenas , Free Agent, Chris Duhon

SG) Andre Iguodola, Deandre Liggins

SF) Marvin Williams , Justin Harper, Nocioni

PF) Josh Smith , Earl Clark

C) Dwight Howard, Orton or FA

 What do you guys think? Like I said, if we must make trades to improve now, these are the ones I would choose to pursue. In my opinion we'd be one hell of a defensive team.

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