Crazy fan trades? Crazy fan trades.

I got bored and started playing around with some trade ideas. Now there is nothing in the internet sports landscape more irrelevant than fan created sports trades. I mean, no matter how great the rationalizing presented as to why the Lakers would trade Kobe Bryant for Boris Diaw they never seem to pull the trigger on the deal.


But, I mean, you have to let the inner GM out to play every once in a while so I decided to create this post. I advise you not to read or consider my proposed trades for they are surely imbalanced due to my Magical bias. I do however invite you to post any of your crazy hair brained ideas down in the comments section.

It is the offseason after all. 


All of my trades are based on my desire to get rid of players I'm tired of having. The process was actually very cathartic even if entirely fantastical.

Trade 1: 

Milwaukee gets: Brandon Bass

Orlando gets:Baron Davis

Cleveland gets: Hedo Turkoglu and Shaun Livingston


Obligatory weak explanation of why each team does it:

After adding Stephen Jackson I looked at Milwaukee's roster and said to myself, "Now there is a team that could use a PF". Boom! Bass to milwaukee. Milwaukee already has Drew Gooden but Bass might be a little sexier to them and at least they hedge their bets on Gooden.

Cleveland who just drafted a PG is likely looking to open up some playing time so I'm sure they aren't going to ask for much in return for Davis. Turkoglu who has played big in some playoff games against them probably has some value to cleveland still and with Livingston and Turk you have a SF and SG who you can put on the floor with Irving and take some of the pressure off him to run the offense.

Baron Davis would be the best PG we've had in Orlando since Steve Francis. (yes, every part of that sentence depresses me too) I know that some of the shine has come off of him since GS upset the Mavs a few years back but he could always play. And, yes, he is kind of redundant with Arenas but Davis has always been a decent-to-good defender and passer which Arenas has never been able to claim.



Trade 2!

Denver gets: Chris Duhon

Orlando gets: Mozgov

Exposition: Duhon could back up Lawson so Denver can waive Miller for moneyz. I had a few other things but I don't care enough about Mozgov to type anymore. And I don't think Denver does either which make this trade work!



Trade 3...

Atlanta gets: Jameer Nelson and Quentin Richardson

Orlando gets: Josh Smith

Obligatory weak explanation of why each team does it: There really isn't a good one. I don't think there's any way atl makes this deal.

But a Smith trade was topical and I had already acquired Davis so I needed to get rid of Nelson. I mean, atl has been trying to search for a competent PG that can shoot for some time. But now with Hinrich their backcourt is crowded and they need another swingman like I need more Casey Anthony trial coverage.



The Lineup!!

(Seeing all the players together is supposed to make you see how good we would be if I was GM)

Starters                                                     Bench

C: Dwight Howard                                  Mozgov/Orton

PF: Josh Smith                                       Andersen/Harper

SF: Free Agent                                        Clark

SG: Redick                                               Liggins

PG: Baron Davis                                     Arenas


Obviously the first thing that jumps out is the vacant Free Agent spot. If the Magic sign any of the following players they would be fine: 

Tayshaun Prince

Tracy McGrady

Anthony Parker

DeShawn Stevenson

Mike Dunleavy

Jamario Moon

Shane Battier

Josh Howard


They have to be able to sign one of those players, right?


As far as rotation Arenas would probably absorb most of the backup guard minutes using Liggins in spot duty.  Andersen, Harper, and Clark all split PF SF (andersen maybe even some C). etc etc


Okay. Your turn. Whatcha got?

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