Hello Magic Fans

Recently today, the idea came to me that if I could, one day I'd like to be the owner of the Orlando Magic. The Marc Cuban thang ain't so bad,    spend money like a hawk, win a title and be a popular sports figure.    And so, wanting to live out my fantasies a bit more I imagined what would happen if I were the Owner/GM right now in the Howard Situation.    I'm actually quite a bit impressed with myself and I thought I'd share.    You Decide if this would be a good off-season for the Magic or not :)


**Magic Buyout Gilbert Arenas** 
**Magic resign Earl Clark 3 Years-4 Million**

Trade #1:
Magic S/T   G Jason Richardson to a 4 Year-40  Million dollar contract extension

Minnesota sends:
#2 overall pick in the draft

Trade #2:
Magic trade:
#2nd overall pick in the draft

76ers trade:
F Andre Iguodala


Trade #3:

Magic trade:
G Jameer Nelson.
*trade exception from the gortat trade*
F Daniel Orton

Pistons trade:
G Will Bynum
G Ben Gordan.

Trade #4:
Magic send:
F Hedo Turkoglu

Thunder send:
G-F Thabo Sefolosha
G   Nate Robinson
C Cole Aldrich.

Final roster:
PG: Will Bynum/Chris Duhon/Nate Robinson
SG: Ben Gordan/J.J Redick/Thabo Sefolosha
SF:Andre Iguodala/Thabo Sefolosha/Earl Clark
PF:Ryan Anderson/Brandon Bass /Earl Clark
C: Dwight Howard/Cole Aldrich

If you'll notice, the starting five has a lot more balance now.  2 outstanding
defenders(Howard/Iguodala),  two 3pt shooters(Gordan/Anderson) and one pure
point guard(Bynum).

I was struggling between whether to start Bass or Anderson, but I thought
for offensive purposes, Anderson had better be the starter. Otherwise,
I'm recreating the Sixers.  Bass can add his size and rebounding
to a defensive bench. Only Redick and Nate are offensive sources
from the bench.

It's no signing James/Bosh, or acquiring Melo. But IMO this would be one heck
of an off-season for Magic fans. The  questions about this roster
are would Will Bynum live up to expectations as the starter?  Can he be
the pure point guard for 36 minutes that he looks like in 18-24 minutes?

 The scoring from the bench: Is it enough?

Magic fans have seen Bass more than I have, so you guys can determine if
Bass is enough of an offensive big  that he, Redick and some spot Nate would
be enough. 

Actually, there is a third question: I'm putting a big onus on Cole Aldrich,
can he make the jump from seeing little action to being the defensive rebounding
big man he was that made him such a draft worthy prospect?

All that said though, this defensive oriented and offensive efficient Magic
team IMO can potentially be at Dallas level.  

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