Magic's Future is in Serious Jeopardy

We all know that such gloomy prediction is not new. Yes, what is done is done, and there is a whole lot which we cannot do much about, but still there are certain elements which we can proactively change for better or at least, as the old adage says, “prevent bad from turning to worse”.

I am baffled as to why Otis Smith is still entrenched in his position? Snubbing anybody who poses that question on OPP is beneath the knowledgeable members’ base which is well aware that serious mistakes had been made in approximately a year-time prior to non-ceremonial Magic defeat at the hands of Atlanta Hawks in the first round of the play-offs. Should there be any disagreement on that point, one may need to check one’s analytical skills, and while at it, maybe one’s head, altogether. However, disagreements are expected on:

·         The severity of the mistakes made; and/or

·         The feasibility or practicality of having the responsible parties to be held accountable.

The discussion of the severity of mistakes is redundant if one has not already arrived at a reasonable conviction, one way or another, thanks to exhaustive debates here on OPP and elsewhere. That is, discussing the pre-season moves and signings followed by trades of December 2010.

The feasibility or practicality of removal of the culprit(s) is directly correlated to the public pressure, as well as the top management’s views on where the long-term interests of the franchise lies. Bob Vander Weide is in a unique position to change his mind on his staff with no fear of his job security on the line. Yes, he has mentioned that neither Smith’s nor Van Gundy’s jobs are at jeopardy, but history has proven that these kinds of announcements are subject to situational conditions. In other words, if public pressure is too heavy to bear or Mr. Vander Weide feels that the future interests of the organization are threatened, he may change his stance.

Proper action in removing the incompetent/negligent part [y](ies) is paramount for future courses of action due to delicate issues on hand relevant to retaining the franchise player which requires careful overhaul of the roster to one capable of competing for one of the top 4 slots atop of the Eastern Conference. That seems to me to be the least which could keep Dwight’s interests peaked for signing an extension or a long-term contract with the Magic.

A poll which I have previously conducted shows that 62% of the respondents feel that Otis Smith should either resign or be fired. The percentages against Stan Van Gundy or the entire management team drop to 6% and 14%, respectively. Alternatively, 15% felt that no failure had occurred. That shows a strong percentage favoring the removal of Otis Smith, but why there is no strong indication of any actions taken by the public in that direction? We should seek to find the answer to the following questions:

·         Brian Hill – despite lesser degree of failure in my view – was washed away in the tsunami of public outrage … what is the difference as it relates to Otis Smith?

·         What are the elements that are preventing the public from using many new media outlets including, but not limited to, a “” website? I know that if I was at home or had adequate access to Internet to administer such website, I would have had it up and running by now.


Please share your views, particularly answering the two questions posed above. Thank you.


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