"A plea to Otis Smith & Magic ownership."

Without a doubt, with this current Magic team, it is a no-branier that it's quite far from being a championship contender for the next couple of years given the age of some of its players (i.e the continous decline in their game)...

...& their VERY HUGE & MASSIVE contracts, they will be quite impossible to trade in order to improve the team.


With that being said, everybody knows that Dwight will be gone after next year, either renouncing his "player option" in 2012 in order to join a championship contending team or...

... he does pick-up that option but under the condition that it is a "sign & trade" to a team that has a better chance of winning the championship.


And so, if the Magic does move Dwight to get something in return rather than lose him for nothing like how it went down with Shaq (or LeBron in Cleveland), it will surely be a trade with a team that will offer the most talents.


Looking around the league, only the Lakers have the best talents to offer & so, LA is indeed a big possibility.


For sure, Otis & the Magic would want the most talents in return.


My plea then is, don't make it simply a "1 or 2 Laker players for Dwight only" as it then instantly makes LA 3-peat contending once again!   


Since LA badly wants Dwight, then might as well include Arenas & Hedo in the deal so as to dump their HUGE contracts which will be good for the Magic.   (These 3 will combine for  $47 mil. next year.)


What you get in return are: Gasol, Bynum, Odom, & Artest ($49.5 mil. combined).


And though Odom & Artest are on a decline themselves, they are still very "tradable," there will be playoff teams that will be very interested in them, the Magic can get several draft picks or young prospects out of this 2.


As for Gasol & Bynum, the talents & size of these 2 players alone won't be matched by any other teams who wants to trade with Orlando


Being a dire Laker-hater, I'd hate to see the Lakers get another lop-sided trade much to their favor knowing that the Magic will be desperate to get something in return for Dwight.


For sure, they will try to "low-ball" the Magic with an offer of only Gasol & another player (e.g. Odom or Artest)...


...or Bynum & another player (either Odom or Artest). 


Don't bite this kind of "low-ball" offer!


Since they badly want Dwight, then they should take on Arenas & Hedo too while also demand for both Gasol & Bynum, not only 1 of them with either Odom or Artest. 


If the Lakers get Dwight while only lossing Gasol (& another player) or lossing only Bynum & another player, then LA gets back to "3-peat mode."


Overall, LA has to cough-up both Gasol & Bynum & also take on Arenas & Hedo's huge contract to make a trade with them FAIR & BALANCE, not another "lopsided trade" that heavily favors LA.


The bottom line: LA has the most talents to offer Orlando (no other NBA team comes close), but Orlando better smarten-up to maximize on lossing Dwight .


The Magic should be BOLD in demanding LA to take on Arenas & Hedo too,  do some bluffing sort of: if you don't like our offer, we'll trade Dwight somewhere else!


For sure, LA will budge since they desperately want Dwight to be with Kobe for another championship run before Kobe is done in 3-4 years.


But make LA pay dearly for being greedy, ok?


- John Prester.

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